How generous are you with your kids?

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We never got such a thing as weekly pay when were at school, but this taught us that without money we couldn't do anything and we used our imagination.

How generous are you with your kids?

According to a recent survey, Spanish parents are the ones to give a regular pay to their children, only the French and the Italians are on top. Thus, five year olds will get one Euro a week. The ones on the 5 to 10 age group get 10 Euro a week and the 15 plus get as much as 20 Euro.
Many parents pay them regularly while others won't and others will pay if the child has contributed in the household chores.
I don't know if they're lucky or not to have a weekly pay, because I didn't get it, or I was, perhaps, luckier than these children today, because not having a weekly pay, my mother took us to the cinema regularly and she paid for soft drinks or ice creams whenever all of us went out. The rest was up to us and our imagination.
My cousin and I were fond to collect all sort of things to sell such as old newspapers, magazines, carton boards, and all sort of glass to take them to a man who would weigh it on his scales and would give us few coins. We always thought that he had cheated us, because it couldn't have been such a pittance on that pile that we had brought him. But, anyway, that went into our pockets.
Metal items were salable too and we always thought that because it was heavy, we were going to get a lot. Absolutely not. The man always gave the same amount or almost.
However, this is was our cash to spend in extra film showings, cartoons, juvenile magazines and whatever took our fancy to keep us going while we were at school.
Errands for neighbours weren't free from charge and they had to pay us something if they wanted us to go to the shops for bread or milk.
It's true that we weren't good at saving. We had a piggy bank, but more often than not we used a thin knife to pass it through the gap to get few coins. However, this taught us that without money we couldn't do anything. When we left school and were old enough to work, we were always on the look out for a job or trying to find a way to have our own income.
Worry not if your kids spend all their cash on sweets or cartoons and don't put something into the piggy bank. Sooner than later, they'll learn that without money they can't do anything and they'll go a long way to find a job to earn it honestly if you have taught them so,

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author avatar Ken5-89
16th Sep 2014 (#)

I think parents should teach kids about saving at a early age.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
16th Sep 2014 (#)

Awesome post and one of a kind too, cheers!

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