How harmless honest investors in India are persecuted

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A look at the methods used by corrupt powerful officials to harass harmless investors, domain investors in India

How harmless honest investors, especially domain investors, in India are persecuted

In most countries, hardworking honest investors are valued for their contribution to the economy, however in India corrupt incompetent, unpatriotic and greedy intelligence and security agency officials will waste infinite indian tax payer money to harass, cheat, exploit and defame harmless honest investors. Usually non brahmin investors who are not well connected are especially targetted for the harassment.

A list of the methods used by the greedy corrupt shameless top officials to harass harmless investors in India
- Defamation without any proof at all
- Stealing retirement saving without a court order or legally valid reason
- surveillance for more than 5 years, denying the right to privacy
- resume theft, with powerful fraud officials in India falsely claiming that their lazy greedy mediocre inexperienced cheater friends and relatives have the impressive resume of the investor to get their fraud friends and relatives lucrative jobs allegedly in R&AW, CBI and NTRO
- diversion and theft of correspondence.
- blocking of payment, closure of account
- false black money accusations without proof
- labelled a security threat without proof
- subjected to daily human rights abuses using high tech invisible radiation weapons
- subjected to non consensual human experiments like nazi germany
- police refuse to register complaints against well connected cheaters who have looted the investor
- inexperienced mediocre lazy cheaters cheating the investor rewarded with top intelligence agency jobs, falsely claiming to have the impressive resume of the investor
- complaining against the atrocities leads to further harassment, torture of the investor.
- human rights commission refused to help the investor end the daily atrocities.
- victims of impersonation scams with goan gsb frauds riddhi siddhi, obc slut sunaina, impersonating the investor to get lucrative opportunities

The problem has become very severe as the phone calls,smses, emails, postal mail of the investor are diverted to lazy greedy mediocre frauds, who run an extortion racket, demanding a bribe from anyone who will try to contact the investor. When the investor will try to end the exploitation, harassment and defamation trying to get help, these fraud officials will try to silence the investor saying that she is damaging the reputation of India.

Can these shameless fraud officials getting a salary from the indian government openly justify the defamation, harassment, exploitation, resume theft of the harmless innocent investor for years, though they have no proof at all? If they cannot, they have no right to protest , they should remember , every action has a equal and opposite reaction.


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