How real are paid to click sites

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Earning 0.001 per click is legitimate but if some sites offer you more than that say a dollar per click or more, take my words those are fake sites. Here are have listed few sites which have been paying for the past few years and some sites which are totally a scam.

How real are paid to click sites

Earn 0.10$ to 0.25$per advertisement clicked and viewed for just 20-30 seconds. Does this by any means sounds real to you? If you said No you can quit from here as you are already familiar with such mouth watering offers but if your answer is Yes, wait a minute I am going to brief it out for you in this very article.

Yes advertisements is an aspect where an owner can go to the very extinct level given that the advertisement give’s an added spark to their products, service or ideas. Mostly advertisements are designed by an identified sponsor and made public through a variety of available media. The most popular media is Television as it gives exposures to a huge custom’s group and to add to it iconic personalities like actors, actress, player’s and models play in the short ads which gives an added advantage to the owner as millions of fans are attracted towards it and in virtually within no time the product becomes popular. In fact a world class beverage making industry claims that their actual product or raw material cost is as low as 5% of the actual cost at which the consumer’s pay for the product. It might sound like the beverage industry is virtually robbing it’s customer’s by making a profit of 95% but no my friend because if we add just the advertisement cost (All forms of advertising like TV ads, Audio ads, big banner’s and hording ads around every 200 meters in a metropolitan city takes the cost to around 50% and if we add the production cost it reaches 70%, approximately. So the beverage industry is selling at a decent cost to it’s customer’s.

I wanted to explain all this to prove how big the advertising agency is and if we expect earning’s at a high or even moderate rate it’s unjustified. Adding to this the entire internet media is filled with spammer’s who direct real or at times even virtual customer’s to the advertisement post just for their own benefit and these are not at all the so called unique visitors and paying those spammer’s even a cent is encouraging them for further viral attacks upon the product owner. Hence don’t expect much but what rate per view is considered fair or trust worthy? From my 3-4 years roaming around such sites (Everyone love being paid) I can conclude that ads in the range of 0.0001 (Normally) to 0.01 (Just one or two ads every 24 hours) are trust worthy. It took quite some time for me to accumulate $1 from most of the sites (Just from click and one or two tasks) was 20 days. But don’t worry just earn $3 to $4 and start buying referrals and keep a track on them, if they are not regular, delete them and hire other. It cost’s very low to lend referrals and if u manage to get a dozen of very active referrals you don’t need to click as you will be paid for your referrals clicks, purchase and upgrades.

Two Trusted Paid to Click Sites

1. Clix-sense

2. Neo-Bux


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28th May 2018 (#)

no site pays man
I have been about 14 years
w/o a PENNY OR 1/100000000 DOLLARS

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24th May 2019 (#)


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author avatar ChennySeng
28th Oct 2019 (#)

Check out proof of Neobux payment

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29th Jan 2020 (#)

Thank you for the paid to click sites blog. You can visit

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