How to Ace Direct Selling By Being "Extraordinaire"

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This article is motivational. This article aims to boost the spirit and soul of the people involved in direct selling. This hopes to perk up the minds of sleeping enthusiasts.


Direct Selling can be tedious and it can sometimes bring your down to real low feelings. You will face rejections many times over before you hit your gold mine. You will face so much adversities leading you to break. However, direct selling need not be any of those. You need not go through any of those agonies. You can make a difference. You can be the change. You can be EXTRAORDINAIRE!

Beat Expectations

If you haven't seen the 19th Season Premiere of Oprah show, you have to check it out! I tried searching for a video link but do not seem to find it. Anyway, it goes something like this.

Oprah invited 12 people who needed cars to receive it on stage. Considering Oprah does something of this sort all the time is no cause for excitement. However, what she did after that is! Every member in the audience was handed a box and was told that one of the box had the 13th key! Now, you'd think this is cool! But wait. When each and every box was opened, there was so chaos! Each and every one of the boxes had a Pontiac G6 car key!

Now that is called BEATING EXPECTATIONS!

In direct selling, many distributors make the mistake of keeping things to the point. There is no excitement that overwhelms a prospect. Look at the company you are in or the one you intend to join. Ask yourself if you can do something extraordinary about them! Can you do something that no one else will dare to do! Can you do that convincingly! When you gain that kind of confidence, you will become the star in direct selling! And there are many stars shining bright in many direct selling companies.

Go For the Unexpected

Once you beat expectations, what else have you got? You got that right! The UNEXPECTED!

Heard of Richard Branson? Yes, the Virgin Guy! Does he do anything that can be called ordinary? He is always doing something I cannot imagine a CEO doing (the stunts, i mean). I am always surprised by his product launches. He does things that have absolutely nothing to do with his product yet manages to pull it off like that was the only way he could have launched them!

How can you do the unexpected with your direct selling efforts? Can you provide a service that your prospect is not expecting? Can you do something to entice and surprise your already existing down lines?

Always Leave Things Better

Always leave things better than you found it. No one should be able to leave your presence without being affected in a positive way. No one should be able to pass you by without feeling positive.

How can you do that?

Try being a better person. Try being a motivator whose motive is to enrich people's lives. Try being an enthusiast who is not in it for the money but for the freedom of it.

Direct selling is not all about making money. It is about changing people's lives for the better. Direct selling is about helping people help themselves. If you keep counting the money, you may make it big but you will not remain a person who enjoys life.

Life is an echo! What you send out comes back many times more. Make a Difference in people's lives and you will see how your life will improve many times over for the better!


It is my sincere hope that this article has proven to be a useful motivational tool in a time you were needing one. Always remember that success is in your head. What that success means is up to you. If it means more money, it is just that. If it means fulfillment, you will find yourself working towards that every day with a smile.


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