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Out of the many different options of earning online the subject of 'paid to click' is covered here.

Paid To Click

In the current financial climate a lot of families are traveling through worried periods. The opportunity to work from home to earn extra cash is quite appealing to a lot of people but where to start. It's a sad fact but a lot of these sites you see advertised online are nothing more than a scam worded so that they cover all their bases if put up for prosecution.

I was very careful when I started out my career of working online but even then I was caught out a couple of times. In these instances I only lost about 5-10 GBP ( approx. $15 ) but a lot of other people lose out on a lot more. One way to go which has a lot of safe lists found through search engines/dedicated websites are 'Paid to Click' sites. These sites have many seperate websites who rate and regulate them so it is safe to use them ( or invest in them ).

So How Do They Work?

Paid to click sites are quite simple to use and easy to get quite addicted to. You are paid for visiting ads ( or customers websites ) for a certain amount of time. You are usually paid about 1 cent per advert and the amount of adverts you may view change from site to site. Some sites let you view up to 5 ads a day whilst others let you view over 50 a day. Upgrading usually lets you view more ads per day.

The length of time you must view an ad also varies from site to site. For most sites it is usually about 30 seconds but there are other sites which will allow you to view for half that time. People generally find out the tried and trusted Paid to Click sites and join at least five - this multiplies the amount of earnings per day.

Referrals - How to Use

There is the option on these sites to use the referral systems and get other people to earn for you every day. What are referrals you may ask? Referrals are basically new members who you can purchase and what ever they earn on the site you get a quarter of that earning put into your account.

There are two main ways you can get yourself some referrals-

1. Direct referrals
2. Rented referrals

Direct referrals are gained by promoting and advertising the 'said' website and whoever joins through your referral link will become a direct referral in your down line. You can also rent referrals for 30 days, obviously, these referrals run out after 30 days and you must pay again to keep them for another month then rinse and repeat.

Which Ones To Stick To

Unfortunately, there are now thousands of Paid to click sites online and not all of them are to be trusted. A lot of them hang about for a year or so and then drop of the face of the earth taking whatever you have left in your account with them. There are great websites out there that list the trusted sites to use.

In my experience you should check out the script of these sites before joining ( all PTC sites are free to join ) them. Is the site professional looking? Most of the reliable sites are very well laid out and good looking. Secondly ( and this is very important ), make sure the site offers you a forum to use. If a site has a forum it means it has nothing to hide.

Forums are a brilliant place where members can air their grievances and post payment proofs. A site without a forum should at once send the alarm bells ringing. These sites can do what they want when they want without anyone else getting to find out about it - stay away, these sites will turn out to be scams.


I have quite a few friends online that are earning good money from week to week with these sites but they have put a huge amount of time and effort into them. Personally I tend to think - 'you won't get rich but you will earn money'. The more you put in the more you will get out. Make sure you follow the sites on a trusted PTC list and stick to these sites - they have been around for quite some time now and are registered companies.

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