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This article will direct investors or potential investors towards tools that can aid in finding and tracking investment opportunities.


According in Investopedia, investing means the act of committing money or capital to an endeavor with the expectation of obtaining an additional income or profit. Individuals can invest into a business, a project, real estate, stocks and bonds, or even time as long as an additional return is expected in the future. Most investment tools can now be found on the Internet and a spreadsheet application will aid in tracking investments over time.

Things you’ll need

Step 1

Examine your interests and passions. Investing becomes much more exciting when the investor has an true passion about the industry. Decide on which direction to go whether to invest into real estate, a small business, or stocks and bond.

Step 2

Go to a search engine on the Internet. Search for investment tool in the chosen area of investments (real estate, small business, or stocks and bonds). Each investment area will have similar but different tools. Some tools will help in the analysis and other tools will aid in the gathering of data.

Step 3

Search for investment opportunities in the chosen area of investment. Specialized sites will emerge that offer opportunities for investment. Start to limit these opportunities in location and scope. Find similar investments and start to track the price and relevant metrics.

Step 4

Enter these opportunities into a spreadsheet. Begin to track these investments concerning price and relevant metrics. Prioritize these investments from best to worst.

Step 5

Go back to the site found in Step 2 for investment analysis. Input the relevant metrics into the analysis tool for the top investment choices. The results will help to guide the investment choices as to Return On Investment (ROI), risk, and capital required.


Any expertise that an investor may have will provide an advantage in understanding the investment. This expertise will also provide an additional advantage in fine tuning the tools needed to analyze the investment opportunities


Investors should understand that real estate and business investing can take on increased risk. These investments may require debt, leases or personal guarantees that could put existing assets such as a home at risk if the investment does not succeed. Most investment tools cannot provide a clear understanding of these unforeseen risks.

Investopedia: Investing

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author avatar Tranquilpen
24th Sep 2011 (#)

Thank you wade.Your article is professionally presented and informative.Good warning about putting up property for colatteral or morguage

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author avatar Funom Makama
18th Oct 2011 (#)

Insightful, deep, nice and just what we need to read in such a community. My sense of values sometimes comes from such articles. Keep it up!

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author avatar Retired
3rd Apr 2012 (#)

This article grew on me. At first read, I thought it was too simplistic, too basic a level. Then I re-read it and remembered back to when I started investing - and what I had not known. The more I remembered what I had not known, the better and better this article got. Good tips for the beginning investor!

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