How to Make any Woman Love You

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When a woman falls in Love with you, it is said to be magical and eternal. Most men will do anything to have the girl of their dreams fall in love with them, here's how.

How to Make Any Woman Love You

Women are quite fascinating beings. If you really try to understand them, or try to get in their heads you will venture into an area so confusing, so complex, and if for some reason you figure out her mind, you would have figured out the secret of the universe. This is where most men get it very wrong, they meet a beautiful lady, they fall in love and then they spend the rest of their lives try to make that girl love them by doing things you think women like. They do the common stuff like bring her flowers, take her to an expensive restaurant only to be served a design in your plate for an exorbitant amount of money. They give them money to go shopping and then they go to the gym with their buddies. With all that, woman still may not be that attached or interested in you.

These are the types of men women are usually attached to:

1, Unique - not the flowers bringing, candy bringing tradition
2. Uncaring bad boy - Lots of women would sacrifice their lives to be with the uncaring bad boy
3. The Smart Alec - Gone are the days when women take brawn over brains, brain makes more doe.
4. Italian - They dig Italian or french men, especially if you are from Paris

How to be Unique
Okay, so lets say you meet a girl and have been going out with her for the past two weeks, you really like her but you still wondering if all is well on her side, you send her chocolate and roses at the office, her friends receive those last week! That's not so special is it? Lets look at something quite unique that involves you getting you hand into things (Literally) .

1. Treat her to a home Spa - Get a nice shampoo, conditioner, relaxing oils. You are going to give her a sensuous, most relaxing, scalp massaging hair wash! When you are washing her hair, do it passionately, let her scalp feel every touch of you fingers, let her feel so relaxed that she even falls asleep! That's a good thing if she does.

2. Take her ballooning, if she is not afraid of heights, this can be quite a breath taking experience.

3. If you have been with her for a while, and have become intimate, this is a trick to guarantee you will imprint your love in her mind - Dress her! Yes, tell her to relax while you get her dressed, getting dressed the right way for woman is a big deal. As with the Hair, dress her passionately without you suggesting anything, let her mind run the fields.

If all else fails, go get a nationality change to Italian or French


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