How to Reverse INFLATION !

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The phenomenon of inflation is definite the least understood aspect of our money system today. Even financial "heavyweights" among reporters have trouble with this one, and when they attempt to explain the causes for inflation they usually give us wrong answers, because they simply don't understand the money system in its confusing effects it has on the marketplace.

Inflation Not Caused by "Too Much Money Chasing too Few Goods!"

EDMONTON, Alberta, Canada, May 16, 1999, by Reni Sentana-Ries

Since the disastrous years of Trudeau's reign in Canada we have heard a lot of malarkey coming from Government and banks of just how they would go about "fighting" inflation and "wrestling it to the ground!" The confusion around this issue is staggering. INFLATION IS NOT "FOUGHT" IT IS REVERSED by means of correct financial principles! Once we have properly analyzed its causes, the reversal is easy.

Step 1) The national governments must re-assume their constitutional right to control and regulate their own currency.

For most countries this is easily done, because such powers are already entrenched in their constitutions. JUST USE THEM, FOR GOODNESS SAKE! Be careful, though, to not do it alone lest the combined military forces of nations under control of the "International Financial Community" lands at your doorstep to throw bombs on your head! They have done it to Germany, they have done it to Japan, they are doing it to Iraq and Yugoslavia, and they will do it to you and your country unless you act in unison with many other oppressed nations!

Step 2) Having implemented step one, proceed to cancel all governmental debts allegedly owed to the "International Community".

Just write them a letter and say you owe them nothing. Tell them, they are thieves of your people's properties, and they have usurped temporary control over your nation by means of a dirty trick with money they created out of thin air. Tell them, that their billions lent to their governments cost them no more than the ink in their own expensive pens, and that from now on you will do the same for your own country BUT WITHOUT HURTING THE PEOPLE LIKE THEY DID! Tell them also that you will no longer believe any more of their lies.

Successful Inflation Reversal!

Step 3) After ridding yourself of all debts to any banker, lower the taxes on the people's income proportionately, seeing that the interest cost factor of debt to running your national affairs no longer exists.

You have also effectively lowered the production costs of all goods and services INSTANTLY, and thereby effectively REVERSED INFLATION! Then proceed on by responsibly regulating the issue of credit in order to stabilize and balance your economy suited to your country's productive capacity and needs.

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