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Why do some money-saving tips gets easily ignored? 2 reasons - one, it’s too easy with too little returns; two, procrastination. The third reason can also be little returns. Then again it’s still loose change after all.

But the ways are still worth pondering anyway. I would focus on some tips that are applicable to everyone, whether you commute to work or contemplating about the rising price of lunch and dinner offerings.

- If the option to rent or borrow instead of buying is possible, do it

There is a reason why the library has tables and chairs for you to hang around with - so that you don’t have to take the book outside and read it at home. Are you sure you even get to read it at home? Chances are you’re already preoccupied with the bills, the household chores and similar activities to even think about opening the book you just borrowed. Just look at the stack of previous books you bought that already collected dust on your desk. That’s dead money. If this has been happening for quite sometime, spare the cash and borrow for the meantime.

- Try walking to work

One reason why residential buildings sprouted close to cosmopolitan areas of the city so that you don’t have to commute or drive on your way to work. If you even have that chance to walk to work and it’s only a couple of blocks away, then do so. An umbrella and a hanky would come handy too. In case you need to retouch your makeup or smudge off that shiny film of oil on your face, you can do that in the office.

- Water is still safer than soda

There are some combo meals in fast food joints that automatically included the soda in the price tag. But if you’re eating in conventional “turo-turo”, you can easily skip the soda and go for the tap water. Purified bottled water is fine but if you can see the water served in pitchers as clean and chilled, you can go drink that instead after finishing your meal. Less sugar and bloating too from the carbonated drinks.

- Cook at home more; dine outside less

Cooking breakfast is cheaper when all that you need is fried rice from leftover rice the previous night and some sunny side-up eggs. Cooking your meal for lunch meant splitting the “ulam” and setting the other half for dinner. And speaking of lunch.

- Pack lunch

Sometimes you end up cooking more for breakfast and packing leftover fried rice for lunch alongside the rest of the “ulam” that you cooked. It can be done 2 ways. Either cook breakfast more than what you can eat and pack what’s left. You can also cook the meal for lunch and split it in half. Pack the first half for your office lunch and set aside the other half for dinner preferably in a container that you can heat in the microwave later. It is usually the drill when you live alone. If you live with your parents and you still cook, at least you have someone to make “bilin” the meals you set aside for later consumption.

- Have a sideline

While it’s not always possible to have a night job since the day job is not enough to pay the bills, you can always have some sources of income on the side like selling cellphone load to your colleagues. Most of them are reliant on prepaid phones anyway. This way, instead of going out to buy load on the sidewalk, they simply have to approach you and buy e-load direct from your own prepaid phone as well. This meant less bills for you and more income to go with your “quincenas” paycheck.

It’s never too late to save money. It’s not in the size of the savings per day but in the consistency applied in saving money for weeks and months to come. Soon enough, you have set aside savings that you can use for the rainy day. As long as consistency and diligence when it comes to your daily expenses are applied, income is sure to grow. Have fun earning.

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author avatar Papa KyKy
13th Jan 2015 (#)

Good article. Getting a water filter is infinitely cheaper than drinking soda (essentially free).

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author avatar KuyaManzano
13th Jan 2015 (#)

not to say way healthier hu! :-)

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author avatar RBJBrian
3rd Jun 2015 (#)

Thanks for the info - it's too bad that people don't get enough use out of their local libraries! I wrote an extensive article about it here, if you want to check it out:

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