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If you are looking for more than a few ways to save money then this is the article for you. Providing 23 ways to save money this article will help you become even more financially savvy.

Here's a few tips to save some money and keep you motivated at the same time

In today's economic climate saving money is just as important as making money, so to help out here are a few ways you can save money/a few things you could do.

Saving is important for everyone. It is also useful for building wealth, to save and build, you need to:

Create yourself a budget.
Identify how much you earn and spend, break it down weekly if possible.
Create a savings and investment plan.
Decide how much you need to put away and where to invest it, use financial account comparison sites.
Be disciplined
Add to your savings regularly, and stop impulse buying and spending.
Have patience.
Saving and building wealth takes time.

23 Money Saving Tips

1. If you have a regular job/income why not apply for an automatic deduction from your pay into a dedicated savings account.

2. If you have debts, consider consolidating them.

3. Create a budget for clothes and entertainment.

4. Whenever you feel tempted to make an impulse purchase, think about your goals, then think, Is it necessary? Do I need it? Will it benefit me and my daily life?

5. Before making a credit card purchase, make sure you

6. Leave your credit cards at home if you can control your spending.

7. Remember: small purchases add up, every penny counts.

8. Start saving coins. After a few months, use the money for household expenses.

9. Set monthly saving goals and stick to them.

10. Install a water meter in your home.

11. Always use price comparison websites when making any purchase, whether its small or large.

12. Get a pay as you go mobile, then you can see how much you are spending, you can get your spending under control.

13. Whenever you go shopping create a shopping list, and stick to it

14. Try and shop online, its usually cheaper.

15. Instead of putting the heating on why not invest in some thermals, they will keep your warm and save money on your energy bills.

16. Book all of your holidays and trips etc. online and in advance as it will work out cheaper.

17. Always use items that are reusable rather than throw away items, they are cheaper in the long run and better for the environment.

18. Consider own-brand goods

19. Learn to say NO.

20. Trade down your car. Get a cheaper model.

21. Use your library, for books, CDs and DVDs.

22. Take up a money-saving hobby.

23. Compare your utility providers, and switch if you find a better/cheaper deal elsewhere.


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A very good list to follow thank you for sharing this list.

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