How to Select Comfortable Shoes for Traveling

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Looking for comfortable women’s shoes for your next vacation? There are so many great options on the market today that finding the right pair may seem like an overwhelming or insurmountable task. But it doesn’t have to be! Here are six easy steps that will help you select the perfect pair of comfortable traveling shoes for you next vacation.

Step 1: Determine What You Need From Your Footwear

Sometimes the hardest part of buying comfortable women’s shoes is trying to figure out what you actually need or want versus what you think you may need or want. So if you want to figure out what you can’t live without when it comes to your next pair of traveling shoes, first ask yourself some basic questions like:

- Where am I traveling to, and how does it impact my choice in footwear?
- How am I getting there, and how does it impact my choice in footwear?
- What will I be doing, and how does that impact my choice in footwear?

You get the idea. These simple questions act as a sort of needs-assessment, helping you determine what features and qualities your next pair of traveling shoes should have. Do this and you’ll have a better idea of what you’re looking for – which will narrow your options and thus make your search so much easier.

Step 2: Figure out What Style of Shoes You Should Be Looking For

Heels or flats? Open toe or close toe? There are so many different options and variations of women’s casual shoes on the market today, and it may seem a bit daunting to pick out a pair that suits your travel needs. Fortunately, after you’ve done your needs assessment, you should have a clearer answer as to exactly what style you should be looking for. Many factors may contribute to this decision. For example, if you’re headed to a tropical island paradise where you plan to spend many days relaxing on the beach, sandals may be the best fit for you. On the other hand, if you’re headed to a business conference and you’re looking for professional yet comfortable walking shoes to get you where you need to go, consider subtle heels or stylish flats. The demands of your trip may determine the particulars of your footwear, but ultimately, it is up to you to decide which style you prefer the most.

Step 3: Put Comfort First

Imagine just how much you’ll be walking on your trip, and plan accordingly. If you can’t see yourself spending more than a few hours in a pair of shoes, then they aren’t truly comfortable walking shoes for women, and there’s no point in investing in them. But don’t worry about having to sacrifice style for comfort. There are plenty of shoes on the market today that cater to both the traveler and the fashionista in all of us. One unique example is the brand OTBT Shoes. They specialize in creating stylish yet comfortable walking shoes for women, and they’re designed with the highest quality materials, making them perfect for travelers. In the end, no matter which style or brand you pick, make sure they’re designed with walking in mind.

Step 4: Consider Going Light

If you’re looking to travel light on your next vacation, be sure to search for lightweight walking shoes that won’t weigh down your suitcase or carry-on. (This is especially practical if you’re traveling by plane where space is limited.) Some comfortable sandals or a pair of perforated sneakers should easily fit into your travel bag. If you’re planning on only taking one pair of shoes with you, as travelers often do, be sure to make them count. Look for versatile women’s walking shoes that go with everything that you plan on wearing during your travels. And of course, if they’re the only pair you’ll be wearing, make sure they’re truly comfortable and durable enough to keep your feet happy all throughout your trip.

Step 5: Ensure the Perfect Fit

Another important aspect in selecting travel-ready, comfortable walking shoes for women is a secure and proper fit. Make sure you pick the correct size when buying your sandals, sneakers, wedges, and any other travel footwear style. Go too big and your shoes will slide up and down when you’re walking, causing blisters. Go too small and your feet will feel suffocated all day, causing pain. If you don’t know your size, get measured. Keep in mind that sneakers should fit properly with or without socks, and sandals should fit securely, without toes or heels hanging over the edge. If they don’t, then you should be wearing them.

Step 6: Keep Versatility in Mind

Lastly, when selecting a great pair of women’s traveling shoes, it helps to find a style or look that is versatile and pairs well with a majority of different outfits. The idea behind this is to minimize the amount of shoes that you need to pack, especially if you’re traveling light, as mentioned previously. If you have one pair of fashionable sneakers or stylish sandals that are comfortable and go with everything, then those will become your go-to pairs for traveling. Most importantly, make sure whatever style you pick makes you feel happy. If you find fashionable and comfortable women’s walking shoes that you love to wear, then you’ll be more likely to wear them more often, making them money well spent.


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