How to deal with collection agencies

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There are ways to deal with collection agencies effectively. All you need is to follow some useful tips.

Collection agencies

With many people losing their jobs and others having to accept pay cuts to keep their jobs, paying off debt is definitely not easy. When you have to pay for rent and utility bills,paying off credit cards and loans is not a priority. The same does not apply to collection agencies though, who are usually quick to point out your debt and pressure you into taking care of your payments as soon as possible.

Keep all your bills

Many employees who work for collection agencies do not have accurate facts. They usually get a clear picture several days later. Other times, due to a lot of work and little time, they make mistakes. That means that the possibility of confusing you with someone else is high. To prevent that from happening, it is wise to keep all your bills. That way, when you get a call from the collection agency, you will be able to verify immediately if what they are telling you is correct or not.

Be gentle but firm

People who work for collection agencies are trained to be pushy, sometimes even aggressive in order to convince the customers to pay what they owe. As it is natural, such an attitude triggers an equally aggressive reaction, which makes communication even more difficult. Difficult as it may be, try to be gentle, without overdoing it. Be careful not to sound desperate or needy, or even worse as if you are trying to apologise, because that will give the collection agency the green light to keep on pushing you. If you sound weak, they are going to take advantage of that , thinking you will be forced to give in to their demands easily. If however you sound determined, they will not have the courage to continue with that approach.

Try to negotiate

Most employees at collection agencies will be willing to negotiate with you, if what you have to suggest makes sense and you sound sincere. Without sounding melodramatic, explain the financial hardships you have to endure and suggest an amount you can pay on a monthly basis. If it is accepted, the problem might be solved. If not, perhaps you can suggest a slightly bigger amount or an extension of repayment period. If you are a good customer, normally you won't have a problem. Once you reach a settlement, make sure you stick to it, otherwise your credibilty will be on the line and that will make things even worse.

Threaten with legal action

If you have to deal with rude and unprofessional employees from a certain collection agency on a regular basis who make no effort to communicate with you on a respectful manner, presenting inaccurate facts to you, let them know that you are going to consult your laywer. That might force them to think twice about what and how they word things to you.

Ask to speak with the supervisor

Sometimes, employees at collection agencies act unprofessionally, without their supervisors necessarily knowing about it due to hectic schedules and too much work . Ask to speak with the supervisor and let him know in detail what is going on. In all probability, he will take proper action.

When there is a will, there is a way

The above tips can help you significantly when dealing with collection agencies, so make sure you follow them, if necessary.


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17th Oct 2010 (#)

Wonderful tips!
Thank you for sharing.:)

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17th Oct 2010 (#)

You are welcome

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