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Earning online is now becoming massive, and the bigger it get's the more online earning opportunities arise. There are loads of different ways to get paid through your online work, like paid straight into your bank, by cheque, Paypal, Payza and gift vouchers. One of the things I don't personally mind getting paid by is Amazon vouchers, and this article will show you just how I get my hands on that Amazon credit.

Paid in Amazon vouchers

Making money online is becoming very popular these day's, and there are load's of way's to do it. There is also many different way's you can receive payment for the online work that you do. You can be paid with some job's, straight into your bank account, or cash into PayPal and you can even be paid by cheque. Another great way to be paid is by Amazon Voucher's, you can save up these voucher's, and spend them at will and on anything you want, off the enormous Amazon retail website. This leaf gives you information about some great way's, to start earning Amazon voucher's, all the sites below are tried and tested by myself, and are really great way's to earn online.

Sites I use


First off, if you want to earn some regular Amazon Vouchers online, then a good way to start is by signing up for Dooyoo. This website is free to join and use, and if you can put a few word's together, and knock up, a three hundred word written review on a product or service you have used, then you could make some cash. You do not have to be a professional writer, to earn with Dooyoo, just a interesting opinion, is all they are really after. You can write about loads of different thing's on Dooyoo, maybe a movie you just watched, a washing machine or a laptop you recently bought, or even a holiday you took. You can write reviews on websites you have tried, TV shows you have watched or even hotels and night life, you have tried, so your never short of thing's to write about. You will be paid a small amount of money for writing your review on Dooyoo, but the real money comes from rating reviews. You are paid 1-3 pence for every rating you receive on your product reviews, and by reading and rating other people's reviews, this will prompt them to rate you back. There is a real you rate me, and I will rate you back kind of vibe going on, and it seems to work well. I have had endless £20 Amazon Vouchers with this site over the last couple of years, so for me, this is a good online earning opportunity, worth doing.


If your looking to earn some good Amazon credit online, then one of the best ways to do this, is by signing up to MTurk. At MTurk, you will get paid for doing various different tasks, these tasks could be anything from, writing a short review, translating words, taking quick surveys to tagging or flagging photo's. There are many different short tasks available to do, they are not that high paying but usually easy and quick to do. So once you get the hang of them, you can complete a fair few tasks, in a relatively, short space of time. This website is ran and owned by Amazon, so it is fully legit and well worth looking at, if your out to earn some Amazon credit.


Swagucks is another place you can earn some Amazon Vouchers, and it is simple and easy. Sign up to there site, for free, and verify your email address, and you can start earning money straight away. Earn money by completing different micro jobs and micro tasks, playing games, competitions, surveys and even for watching advertisements. Swagbucks is the only paying website online, that will pay you everyday to watch ads, and they have a large amount of ads available, everyday for you to watch. Although Swagbucks does offer other forms of payment to you, if it is even more Amazon credit you want, then Amazon vouchers is how you can be paid for your time with the site.

By doing the three sites above, you will already start to get a fair few Amazon vouchers for yourself. But if you want even more credit, then you could take some surveys, as market research is a great way to earn little bit more cash online. There are loads of paid survey panel's out there who will pay you to take surveys, and many of them will compensate you in Amazon Vouchers.


A good reputable, and reliable survey panel, once you have earned £15, you can take your earnings in a £15 Amazon Voucher. Easy surveys which come most days, a good site to use and earn with.


Another good site to earn some Aamzon Vouchers with, most surveys pay 50 pence to a pound, they send regular surveys, and when you earn £15, you get your Amazon Voucher.


This site is ran by lightspeed research and is a really great place to earn some money. Although they do offer many other ways to pay you for you work, your surveys, they do offer Amazon Vouchers, so this can be a great way to rack up that Amazon credit.


Here is another survey panel which will pay you in Amazon Vouchers, as well as other various ways. This is another lightspeed research panel, and is another good one to use. GlobalTestMarket send me loads of surveys, and I have had many payouts with them, so they are worth doing.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, there are hundreds of the surveys panels around and most of them will pay you in Amazon Vouchers. So there is no limit on the amount of Amazon credit you could earn, if you keep up the work, each and everyday, the opportunities are endless.

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