How to earn some extra money from your hobby

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Why don’t you turn your hobby into a second job to make ends meet? Single moms, unemployed people, or even young people who need some pocket money should follow my advice and cash in their creativity!

Have a hobby?

Have you ever considered to cash it in? If you are satisfied with your monthly/annual income, then your hobby should simply be something to keep you relaxed and fulfilled, but there are many people who are struggling just to survive nowadays - living from month to month, spending their salaries on food, taxes, the education of their children, etc. And what is left for them at the end of each month? Barely anything! So, if you are crafty, or you have some other talent, why wouldn't you try and earn some additional money for you and your family.


Sewing and tailoring are the services people need from time to time. How to cash in this ability of yours? Quite simple: you can either choose to design clothes and sell them or offer services like altering and re-tailoring clothes. If you have some ideas you think other people would like, feel free to materialize them. Start with some simpler garment items and over time, you will learn more and maybe even upgrade your work to a professional level - who knows?

Some of your neighbors and friends might need tailoring services like narrowing clothes, changing some part of their clothes or something similar, so don’t be ashamed to spread the word about your handiness with sewing machine.


You always liked to draw, sketch and paint and people keep telling you that there’s great potential hiding behind your work? Take advantage of this, and use it as a way to earn some extra cash. With a talent like this, you can do various things like selling paintings, drawing people’s portraits and caricatures on the street. Beside pen, paper, paint, easel and canvas, you will need a couple of innovative ideas or the ability to replicate famous works of art - as people are really fond of famous art. Remember, if you want to make this work, you will need practice. You know how they say - practice makes perfect.


Being a ceramic artist is a job that many people find relaxing and interesting. Having some previous experience in working with clay or plaster will make things a lot easier, but it doesn't necessarily mean that you cannot start as a complete beginner and realize that this is something you are really good at. If you are not sure whether your work is good enough for selling, maybe you should seek some advice from an expert. Finding a mentor who could help you with pottery and give you some really valuable advice is crucial for this kind of business. However, your talent and persistence prevail here - if you have it in you, you can earn a lot of money doing this.

Floristry and gardening

Gardening and floristry have a therapeutic effect on people who chose to spend some time in their gardens, and this is precisely the reason why gardening is one of the most popular hobbies among people who are exposed to a great amount of stress. People who have green fingers and who enjoy it should definitely think about how to profit from this. Selling flower arrangements for weddings and other celebrations, or growing plants you can sell afterwards, is a great solution. Also, offering your gardening services to the people from your neighborhood can be quite profitable, and you can do it during afternoon hours, after you have finished your work.

Jewelry making

Women and girls all around the world like to wear jewelry, and this is something that is never going to change. Could you earn some money from making jewelry? Absolutely! Just offer some trendy and fashionable jewelry with a good price. You can concentrate on selling jewelry items you make on the internet or to the people you know, or you can choose to wholesale fashion jewelry to some shops that sell similar goods.

Making an online store

Don’t forget about this! Advertising, online promotion and making your online store is what you need if you choose to operate a small business from your home. Good luck earning some extra cash by doing what you love...


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