How to make extra money caring for pets

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Find out how you can earn extra money from pet care, looking after cats and dogs, dog walking.

How to earn extra money from pet care

There are millions of pets around the world, and just like children they need to be looked after. It is a daily responsibility, but at holiday time it can sometimes be extra demanding to be a pet owner.

Pet care is a nice extra earnings opportunity for someone who is genuinely, and enjoy the company of animals. There are so many different pets and sometimes I end up looking after anything from a cat to an exotic lizard.

I have been running my pet care business for five years now. Although I have been
successful, I cannot pretend that it is not hard work. You have to be up at the crack of dawn sometimes, and at other times you might be getting into bed late after having fed that last cat on your rounds.

My business specializes in looking after pets in their own homes. Many pets, especially cats, do not like going away to catteries or kennels. They can become very distressed,
and some of them even become ill. My favorite pet to look after is a cat as they are relatively easy to look after. One pet I would never look after would be a snake, as I am actually terrified of snakes.

You need to have a bit of experience to look after pets, and it is important to get to know the animal.
I have always liked animal, and worked my way through university in a veterinary clinic.
Working in a veterinary clinic was great, as I learned a lot about different animals and their health.

I decided to set up my own pet care business as I was always ending up looking after
people pets free of charge. Enough is enough so I started my own business.
I mainly offer free different services, and here is a brief insight to my job on a daily basis.

Holiday Pet care

This is the largest part of the business, and the part which generates the most income. I don't actually take pets into my home, but I look after them in their own homes. This can be important if you have a cat who does not like going to the cattery,
or large fish tanks filled with fish that need care.

On a daily basis I visit about eight cats which are in my temporary care. I feed them, clean their litter trays, and generally make sure they are alright. Every time I visit a cat in its own home I also spend sometime stroking, and having a little chat.
After the first visit most cats are quite friendly, and it is surprising how quickly they get into a routine.

It is also very difficult to find holiday care for pet birds, and I get lots of calls asking me to care for pet birds. Sometimes I even take in pet birds, and look after them in my home, or business premises. I have come to love Canaries, and their beautiful song, but I have also learned how destructive parrots can be.
I have one client with a parrot who travels a lot which is great for my business, but his parrot is not too happy about it. This parrot enjoys tearing up newspapers, and the owners always collects as many newspapers as he can possible get hold of.
When I go into the house I know that I will find the living room littered in paper, and the parrot shouting "more,more,more". Even though she has the radio on all the time, she loves to tear up paper.

Dog walking

Most dog owners do put their dogs into kennels, but I get the odd one who would like to have someone stay in their house with their pet. I do provide this service, and sometimes I get a friend to help. If someone also wants me to look after other pets in the home, I charge extra as this is more responsibility. I have ended up on one occasion looking after five dogs, and nine cats. This can only be described as a full time job, and it was certainly a challenge.

Most of the time though I walk dogs for people who are at work, or are unable to walk their canine family members themselves. Small dogs get shorter walks, but larger dogs do need longer walks.
Unless the owners give me specific permission I do not let the dog off the lead, but we do go for good walks. Luckily I love walking, and I don't mind going around in trainers or wellies all day.

Going to the vet

Now we now that most pets don't like going to the vet, however I work together with a vet, and they seem to love her as much as she loves them. I have quite a few elderly clients who cannot take their pet to the vet, and this is where I come in.
The pet is picked up from the owners' home, taken to the vet, and returned with information on any health problems.
Most of the pets I take to the vets are dogs or cats, when they need their annual injection.

I do offer other services as well, and I supply pet food which is becoming a very popular side of the business. In the next couple of years I expect this side of the business to grow, and perhaps even become a stand alone service.

I don't mind helping a pet owner do bathe their dog should they have a problem doing so, and I also trim claws. Most of all I give the pets I look after lots of love, and I love being greeted by the door by lots of wet kisses.

This is a small business which can easily be operated from, and even if you have a part time job you might be able to fit in some "cat care". It is however ideal for a retired active person, who would like to earn cash to supplement their pension income.

Walkies anybody . . . .


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