How to make money online without any initial investment

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The ways to make some money online without any kind of initial investment, just free registration or some kind of service provided by you to these sites will make you money, there are actually a lot of ways to make money online, all of them do work but the amount you make varies.

Posting youtube videos or creating social media pages

You can make a lot of money by monetizing your videos, its an option available on youtube, you just have to choose your settings and at the beginning of the video some advertisements will be shown which will let you earn some money if you get a decent number of views.
Creating social media pages and selling them is a bit different and difficult than youtube, finding a potential buyer is not easy, this is probably why many of us never knew that you could do this.

Payed Survey Websites

You can register to these websites for free, get some instant free money to your account for joining and start surveying, after completing surveys and making the minimum amount for withdrawal you can transfer the money to your account or Paypal.
It sounds great and yes it is very easy to survey, it will also give you a an amount that you will consider to be alright, but after awhile it gets boring and too much time will get you a very little money.
I have never been able to get out any money out of any of them, after a while the surveys end and available surveys do not get me enough, I do not have the patience or time to keep looking for them time and again.


Yes writing online can get you money, there are a lot of sites that may hire you as a writer or ike this one you can contribute articles to them, many of them are related to humour, many of them like Wikinuts or hubpages are wide ranged.
If you are serious about this, you can make a lot of money, but doing this for a living will be possible if you start a blog, or write enough in many different websites at once, you should see which one is best for you.
A blog might need some money, but writing to these sites is a great way to test your skills, also writing a huge number of pages to these sites can be a source of extra income overtime.


There are online games that may get you some real money, without any investment, some of them provide you initial credit for start, some of them will lead you to play a game again and again and try your luck to win the Jackpot or be the Lucky winner.
Honestly if its gambling you know its not easy to win, online games are just like the ones in casinos, they are made to earn money and the players are the ones who pay.
If its a luck based game,its like lottery, don't expect to win a lot that easily.

Liking Social Media

This is a method I found out recently, liking social media pages and building links, watching youtube, sharing links on facebook, tweeting, visiting websites will make you money online, although it is a small amount and thousands of these tasks will get you the minimum amount required for withdrawal. But these sites are great for building your own following, without spending anything, and also there are ways you will learn using them to earn coins faster, like visiting websites, you don't need to view them, just open your browser and it will automatically generate coins.
Here is a link:

Small tasks and Mobile Applications

Some websites or applications will give you small tasks like viewing a webpage, signing up somewhere, installing some application on your device, these tasks are different for each device, you can use the same account on your mobile and computer to get maximum possible points.


Some websites will let you share links and extend there circle, you make new users for them and they will pay you, similar thing happens here at Wikinuts, a lot of websites actually have this offer, like social media exchange websites, free website building sites, advertisement sites, gaming sites and many more, you can find this on almost all types of websites that make you money online, almost all the ones I mentioned above.


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Interesting and informative post.

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Very informative! There are some things here that I had not known about.

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