How to save on Christmas cards or decorations

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With old magazines or newspapers, we can make our own unique Christmas cards to send and, perhaps, get extra cash as well as other necessary items.

How to save on Christmas cards or decorations

This article is intended for these people that want to save some money out of their Christmas decorations and also the cards they have to send to relatives and friends.
Like doll making as I suggested in one of my latest articles, this activity will suit well to keep entertained in cold and dull evenings.
What are we going to do, then?
Even if one reads a lot of press on-line as I do, many of us have loads of other printed publications such as journals, women's weeklies and the like. They're most probably piling on shelves or in the shed and we wonder if we should do some spring cleaning and to discard all of them.
All of these already read magazines can be used to make one's personal and unique Christmas cards to send, but also to make some extra cash by making a choice of designs to offer to bookshops, newsagents or any other type of shop that may agree on putting them on sale on accounts of getting a small percentage on each sale. We did it once and we achieved to sell a good amount of them, being the one that showed a big and colourful sock full of presents hanging on a hook a big seller one. Others showed fully decorated Christmas trees and wintry landscapes of our own creation and the items had been chosen and cut out of magazines.
We can get friends or neighbours to join in the work as the more we are, the bigger the production of cards and good laugh guarantied too!
At Christmas time, one may see that one hasn't got enough crockery and one will have to go to the shops to buy plates, extra cutlery or glasses that will be a good pinch on one's income.
No need for this.
Haven't you realized that some glass recipients that come with some of the items that we buy are so pretty that it seems a pity to discard them?
One can collect the best ones after they have emptied out and use them as wine or water glasses. One only needs a couple of small pots of paint and a thin brush to decorate them.
The small recipients can be used as candle holders and tins can be used as small plates to serve appetizers when guests arrive.
I know that doing these decorations and cards require some work and, perhaps, some money to spend, but this is part of the fun and a way to personalize our lifestyle.
I recall a friend who once made a table cloth using newspaper sheets. She assembled them together, making sure that no nasty headline showed and gave it all a layer of thin glue. The table after it had been set up for our meal looked attractive and funny and the headlines we read gave us a matter for conversation and laughter.
Materials needed:
- Cardboard sheets -coloured or white ones, although, we can also use some of the wrappings of our shopping.
- Small pots of paint and a couple of brushes as well as a thin marker to draw our design before we paint it.
- Glue... and your own imagination!

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