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Whether you’re looking to donate to charity or looking to do something for charity, it’s always great to get involved in putting yourself forward for a great cause. Whether you’re into baking, cycling, walking, running or rowing, you can get your local community and neighborhood involved in something you love for a cause you care about.

You Can Help Other People Give

You don’t have to do something big and exciting, it could be an idea thrown around a hundred times before. All you need to do is get people involved. People are often looking for ways to give more to charity, but are unsure of how to do it. If you present them with an outlet for their charitable needs, you can often find that people will want to get as involved as possible whether it’s by donating a couple of dollars to your cause, or by signing up and getting involved. Here is a couple of great ways of getting organized and getting your local neighborhood involved in your charitable deed.

Getting Organized

First of all you need to think of a charity that you want to donate too. Try to think of something close to your heart. If a friend of family member has contracted cancer, then why not think of giving to a cancer research facility. Not only will you feel good about giving back to a subject close to you, but you will also boost the morale of that person suffering and their loved ones.

Next of all you need something to do for charity, an activity or sporting event that people can get involved with, or alternatively an individual feat that you‘ve always wanted to do. This can be as serious or as silly as you like as long as it gets people involved, then you can count it as a success.

Charitable Activities

When you’re looking to do something for charity then make sure it’s something you’re passionate about. There’s nothing worse than having a great charitable idea, getting donations and then the day before you actually come to undertake the charitable deed you realize, that actually it’s not really your thing. There’s no backing out now so you’re going to have to go through with it but you know you’re not going to enjoy it one bit. Think about your hobbies and what you like doing in your spare time and try and link the charitable deed into your pass times.

Extreme Charitable Deeds

If you’re looking to do something for charity, then why not go big! Sky diving and bungee jumping are always popular solo charitable deeds to get people involved and are sure to get people to donate to your cause. Obviously there are inherent risks when taking part in these extreme sports, but the benefits are massive. Telling people that you’re doing a sky dive for charity is sure to impress your neighborhood and get people digging deep into their pockets to give to your cause.


Getting on your bike for charity is always a great idea, whether you’re doing an epic ride from city to city across the country or just organizing a race around your local high school track, cycling is a great way of getting people involved.

If you’re looking at doing a big trip then it’s good to get a couple of friends involved to help you out along the way and be part of the journey. Partaking in a Charity bike ride is no small feat; you’ll need all your fitness and endurance to make it up and down the mountains and valleys you come across. If you’re going on a long cycling trip it’s important to get organized. Make sure you know where you’re staying at night and get accurate measurements of how long you will have to ride before your next destination and an estimate time of arrival. Try to stick to your plan as much as possible to avoid any delays and missing your finishing time.

It’s a good idea to do some training before the challenge, if you’re going into a long cycling marathon you’ll have to ensure your fitness. Go to your local gym and work hard on your fitness and technique to make sure you’re ready for the challenges ahead. It’s also a good idea to invest in some professional cycling gear to help you along the way. Get yourself a good road or mountain bike to set you up for the road ahead. You’re also going to need a good cycling helmet and some high performance cycling clothes to keep you warm and dry throughout the ride.


Much like cycling, running is a great way of getting your local community involved in giving to charity. Get yourself signed up for a local fun run or marathon and hit the pavement hard before the big day. You’ll have to train hard and put your body through a lot of torture in order to be ready but it’ll be worth it all in the end. If you’re feeling confident why not set yourself a time to complete the marathon in in order to challenge yourself and try and squeeze a couple of extra dollars out of your donators.


When looking for donators to give to your cause, you want to make it easy as possible for people to give so you can get the maximum amount of money for your charity as possible. You could go from door to door badgering your neighbors to pledge to give money when you completed your task, but you don’t really want to go round and annoy the neighbors and there’s no guarantee they’ll pay up once you’ve completed your task.

It’s much easier to sign up to a donation website. These websites are great for helping you with your sponsored event and allow people to donate to your cause online. With these websites you can set goals and give a description about what you’re doing and what charity you’re doing it for. It’s also easy to advertise your charitable deed with these platforms, simply put a link on your Facebook and Twitter page and wait for the donations to roll in.


Whether you’re bungee jumping for bulimia or cycling for cancer, it’s important to remember to enjoy what you’re doing and remember who you’re doing it for and feel good about what you’re doing. When you’ve completed your task, whatever it is, you’ll feel great about handing over all the money you’ve collected for a great cause and you’ll realize it was worth all the blood, sweat, tears and hard work you put into your project.


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