If You Are Not Succeeding This Might Be The Reason

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Everyone has the willingness to succeed. But not everyone is doing the right things that they need to do to achieve success. This is what distinguishes the achievers from those that want to achieve.

Are You Succeeding?

As much as the internet makes it easy to make money working from home,.thousands of people are earning little or are simply not earning well.This is a very much diffused phenomenon with online marketing.. And while seasoned marketers blast ads that talk of miraculous and instantaneous earnings with or without any previous knowledge of marketing,this is not the case.

Success both on the internet and in the real world comes with great sacrifices.Making money and earning well also comes with great sacrifice.That is to say that whatever we are doing to achieve a certain goal or success,we need to know that it will not come without hard work.It will not come without making mistakes and it will not come if we do not take the first step that is, to decide to take the challenge of starting something and seeing it through to the end.

Many are earning well on the internet that is enough to leave a fixed well-paid daytime job. Many have retired early and are now pursuing their dreams of traveling around the world,while others are dedicating their live towards worthy causes. These people
had dreams of achieving something and they decided to focus on it and make their dreams come true.

While many are earning and achieving their dreams some of us are still clinging to the dreams of wanting to achieve something without ever really taking any action.So what prevents any of us from taking action and what are we going to do about it?The answer to this question will depend on the type of person we really are.Are we the type that believe,that something or someone is in control our lives?If this is the case then we are going to blame others or anything like bad luck for what is not working in our lives or give tons of excuses to justify our positions.

Perhaps we are simply the type that hopes that something or someone from nowhere will come to our rescue and pull us out of our current situation in a flash.We might even be too comfortable with where we are right now to even accept changes or to rise up towards changes that will improve our life or add more value to it.Or we might even be those that procrastinate a lot and keep on telling ourselves there is time.

Every human being is afraid of something. What we are afraid of may also be the reason we are giving too many excuses for not starting anything,So what are we afraid of? We may fear criticism. Fearing criticism is one of the biggest mistakes that we can make in our life. Everyone around us will say something to stop us from doing what we want to do.And following what they say will stop us from even thinking of starting or doing anything.

We may also fear starting out wrongly. The belief in starting out on a wrong foot is a tragic mistakes we should never make. Whatever we do, getting things right at the beginning is always difficult. I do not know of any enterprise that started out with everything working right for it. So starting out on a wrong foot is just the beginning.With time improvements come.But just get something out there for the world to see and you will be surprised how many people out there are willing to help.

There are seasoned writers in here churning out great blogs,But they never had an easy start.But this did not stop them from writing their first blog or article and showing it to the world.With time they improved and with time you can and will also improve.

If your fears are fears of failure then just know that in anything you are doing and want to do there will be an element of success and failure running through it. Failure is bound to occur at any time in whatever we are doing.it does not spell the end of the world or the end of your life whichever way you want to look at it.Due to failure many people have the impression they are not good at anything or are never going to get anywhere.But moving on through the mistakes we make and seeing the mistakes as something we need to address and learn from will only strengthen our willingness to succeed.

Take Action

Whatever we are doing we need to take action.This is the first step to achieving anything.ACTION! It simply means "getting up and starting something" and stop worrying about what others will say or think.Stop worrying about failure because it will only strengthen your procrastination and never feel you are a failure.This alone will make you fail to achieve anything.


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