If you are having money problems, stop spending money on unnecessary things!!! AAaaaaaarrrrrrgghh!!!!

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Usually there's a reason people run out of money. Usually that reason becomes apparent when they are spending borrowed money they had to borrow because of that reason.

Lovely time at the mall. Not a good place for someone with little money.

I'm going to meet Aunt Levenice at the mall in Unitown this afternoon", Mother tells me. "Would you like to go to the mall too? Her and I would like to talk alone, but you're welcome to spend some time in the mall by yourself or go to a movie."

I decide I'll go. There's a movie showing there called "The Brave". It's a 3D movie, probably for kids, but I'm sure I could like it too.

"The Brave" is about a red-haired princess, who has her mother changed into a bear so as to "change" her mother. Aside from a lot of violent outbursts from the characters, mostly I must say I liked this movie very much.

Professional car wash, an absolute necessity for someone who's on borrowed money?

When it's finally time for the three of us to go home, we drive Auntie Levenice to her car at another part of the basement parking. Her car is at the car wash place that they have here in the basement.

When Mother and I are alone on our way to Tower Hills, Mother just has to get it out. She's fumingly mad and furious at her sister Levenice.

Auntie Levenice, like most all of Mother's family, are yet more people who for the past decade or so, have come begging for money from Father and Mother. It seems if you have even just a little money, don't ever let anyone know or your family will swamp you for your money.

Not a good thing to be the only one with a little money

I don't even know how many people are on Father and Mother's "charity" list. It seems whenever anyone wants money, they come beg it from Father and Mother. Father and Mother, thinking these are responsibile people, like their family, always give them money.

However, for some reason Father and Mother have always thought that these people know it is given with the understanding that it is to help them out of predicaments, and NOT so they can live wastefully.

But Auntie Levenice, and especially her children, don't seem to care. They seem to think that since Father is giving them money, they don't have to cut out any unnecessary expenditures. In fact, it seems they want to undergo MORE unnecessary expenditures.

Save money by doing things for yourself, manually

Like this car wash for example. If you don't have money, why don't you just use a bucket of water and a sponge, and wash your own car? Auntie Levenice's husband is sitting there at home, quite a capable man, but he won't wash the car; instead they pay some lavish amount to a car wash business to clean the car.

There is also Moo's husband that she met off of a social site and married. Her hubby is from the Land Of The West, and for about a year now can't get the necessary papers to work in this country, or so they say. Now he's sitting at home, making babies with Moo, and Aunt Levenice always tells how willing this guy is to help them. So, why don't they ask him to wash the car?

Auntie René, the eldest of Mother's sisters, washes her own car if she has to. Yet the youngest, Levenice, who begs for money from Mother and Father, uses a car wash service. Something's seriously wrong here.

Parasitic children

Mother also says their conversation today was mostly about Aunt Levenice's troubles with her youngest child and his wife. These two seem to think their parents, who have no money, MUST pay for them for food and board, otherwise they just come move back in with Aunt Levenice and eat them out of the house.

These two children even came to Father once to ask him for money. Father however said he has to draw a line somewhere, and he told Aunt Levenice's husband Vicker that although he has helped Vicker and his wife, he's not going to help their children too.

So, Uncle Vicker simply tried to spin a fast one on Father: He gives his own money that he makes being a church preacher to his children, then he asks Father for money for himself and his wife. It's not for the children now, is it?

Father was of course fumingly mad and felt abused and used.

Capitalism works fantastic! For them with business sense. The rest don't have a prayer.

I love capitalism and don't think our country should switch over to communism, as some elements of the current ruling party might wish to establish; however capitalism does have it's problems in making sure all the people of the land are taken care of. Then they become a begging burden on those who have even just a little money.

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