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I had the opportunity a few months back to listen to Canadian Billionaire Kevin O'Leary talk to a group of investors. Here is an article of the information that I took from this opportunity.

Kevin O'Leary

If you don't know who Kevin O'Leary is, you may have been hiding your head in the sand for the past few years. Currently he is one of the wealthy "Dragon" investors on CBC's hugely successful Dragon's Den television program and also stars in Shark Tank on ABC. In each show he is the realist who tends to bluntly speak his mind to entrepeneurs who are attempting to win support for thier products and services and strike it rich.

Outside of the mainstream television realm, Mr. O'Leary is the founder of O'Leary Funds, a series of mutual funds that he oversees and promotes, and co-chairs cbc's Lang O'Leary Exchange on cbc's news station where he comments about word events and stock market trends.


If you're reading this, I think that it's only fair to tell you what my impressions of Mr. O'Leary were prior to going over what he discussed so here it is.

In my opinion, I found Mr. O'Leary to be exactly as advertised. He was direct, appeared confident in his opinions, and came off as being very similar to how he appears on tv.

What I got out of Mr. O'Leary's Presentation

In listening to Mr. O'Leary I found that he has a fair bit of information that I personally found to be quite interesting.

1.) As a rule he doesn't invest in companies that don't pay dividends. I his words, "I should get paid to wait."

2.) He really likes the idea of investing in debt. 60+% of his investments are in debt because he likes the certainty that it brings.

3.) He's a real fan of investment in BRIC countries. In particular, Brazil, China, and India. He made special mention of Brazil being in a great position globaly, particularly in it's energy production sector. He really likes PetroBras.

4.) He continually stressed capital preservation. In his own investments his main goal is an 8% return. Anything above is gravy.

5.) He expects the Canadian housing market to remain flat for about 5 years

6.) He expects Canadian interest rates to begin a significant rise in about 3. He doesn't hold any Canadian bonds beyond 4 years to maturity.

7.) He does have some "play around" money which he has invested in some riskier stocks such as shipping companies and Cambodia real estate. In regards to the Cambodia real estate, he mentioned that "it made me a lot of money."

8.) He seemed genuine. He's obviously passionate about investing, spends a lot of time on it and doesn't mind sharing some expertise.

Final Thoughts

I hope that this article has provided some insight for readers. For myself, I found it to be an informative evening that I really quite enjoyed.

One final thought from Mr. O'Leary that really struck home was his explanation of why he participates in his television hobby. Besides the fact that he enjoys it, a real highlite for him is being able to talk to a lot of business people who are "in the know". Of particular interest to me was the fact that a lot of conversations occur in the green room where the guests (and hosts) are putting on their make up. During this time, it is an unwritten rule that what is discussed in the green room is not discussed on the air. Each time he has a guest on the Lang O'Leary Exchange, he has that person all to himself to discuss the guest's business and business thoughts. I'm thinking that there might be some pretty helpful investing information being passed along.
Smart Guy.



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author avatar Denise O
21st Feb 2011 (#)

He really is great at what he does. I loved the show shark tank but, sadly they have taken it off the air. Good read.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Altek digital
3rd Apr 2011 (#)

Actually Shark Tank is not off the air Denise, it still airs, its in Season 2 now.

Great points, I have yet to catch Leary exchange, I use to watch his other show on BNN.

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