Investing In Stocks: Part II

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A few suggestions on stocks to invest in, and some companies that are doing quite well for themselves.

Investing in Stocks: Part II

As mentioned in the first section of this topic, investing in stocks can be quite financially rewarding. I would like to say that any investments or stocks I propose are merely SUGGESTIONS and should be taken as just that. I am not a wizard or a genie and if you want to invest in something I suggest, do the diligence yourself before investing.


Costco Quote and Information
Costco is a company that is doing quite well for itself. Their stock has been steadily growing and increasing and almost everyone shops there. They have marketed themselves very well and are in a great position against their competitor, Sam's. Their stock is up 35% over the last year. I see this as a good company to invest in because they are still growing and will continue to expand. It is the place to have a membership and shop at and Sam's is becoming a thing of the past.

Abbott Laboratories

Abbott Quote and Information
Abbott Laboratories is one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies around. They have their hand in just about everything when it comes to creating new drugs for the medical market. They have been around for some time, and have proven to be a solid investment. While investing in pharmaceutical companies can be shaky at best, Abbott is a trusted name that is at the top of this market. They have been solidly growing as well, and are up 37% over the last year. I would recommend investing in this company as well, as I see them sticking around and with Obama's healthcare plan it can only help them. Abbott will be around for a long time.

Caterpillar, Inc.

Caterpillar Quote and Information
Caterpillar makes construction and mining equipment that is used all over the world for many different purposes. This is a company that might be a little more susceptible to the state of the economy as their products are used more often when economies are booming. However, their stock is up 5% over the last year, and now is a better time than ever to invest. With the economy as it is, Caterpillar is undervalued and lower than it has been in the past. When the economy begins to grow and recover again, I suspect it will climb back up to the top. Construction is a good market to invest in, too, as there will always be a need for this type of equipment. And when it comes to construction, there is not a more trusted name or company than Caterpillar. I would recommend this as a good investment as well.

Halliburton Company

Halliburton Quote and Information
Halliburton is a well-known oil company. They have been on the leading edge side of the fracking explosion. Oil is also one of those sectors that either tends to be way up, or way down but right now they are doing alright. They took a hit last year and are down percentage-wise. However, I think that they are undervalued and that their numbers will climb. If you're down for a little bit more risky investing....I'd say go for it. Halliburton is also a trusted name in the oil industry and I think they will continue to be. Right now oil companies can't hire people fast enough to keep up with the amount of workers they need. I think this is a good company to look into and keep an eye on.

In Closing

All in all, there are a lot of good companies out there to invest in. Now is a great time to get into the market, too, with the economy being a bit sluggish. So next time you think about buying some stocks, keep these suggestions in mind. Whatever you do, have fun with it.


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