Is Money really evil?

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This article will be about the wonders of money, and the things that it has done.


Money is probably one of the worst objects that we may have ever made. When you have tons of money, you pretty much have the power of a god. All you gotta do is pay a certain amount, and with that amount, you could make someone do something for you. You can buy an army with the right amount of money. If you were to do a crime and had the ability to bail, it would be pretty easy to get out of jail. Money shouldn't have existed, and this article would be about the many reasons why money shouldn't have existed. Its funny how even some of the nicest people can be evil just by getting their hands on 10 million. Even though some people react to money in a different way, where some wouldn't go crazy when they had enough cash, nobody in this world could handle the power of a god.

Money & Companies

Money has always been put in the wrong hands. But yet, it practically controls society. When many companies are receiving tons of cash, its even harder to get cash. One sign is that companies are starting to raise up their wages.(Walmart, for an example. As of writing this article, I believe they pay 10$ an hour). Probably in the future if this keeps up, I believe you would have to really know how to manage money and be able to make a 40$ bill turn into 20,000$. (That may have been a little exaggeration, but it may come to that point.) I pretty much mean buying things low, selling things high. Specifically the stock market, and such. Or, unless you have 100,000,000$, you probably could start your own company! But yet, who even has that amount of money to start their company?

World without money

If we really didn't have money, we'd probably be trading items for other items. Or a few diamonds for a few luxury items. Also, robberies wouldn't really go that successful for people that don't have any good items. Or maybe trading animals for tractors, and where we probably wouldn't have advanced so quickly in technology without money. By now, we probably would have came up with flip phones, and we wouldn't have many of the gadgets that we have now. The reason why I believe that is mainly because we would focus on trying to get the best farm out there, where we could generate the most food or cattle to get tools. What your average civilian would probably be doing would be bringing food to the table, and we probably wouldn't have some of the things that we have now. I can't see a universe where money wasn't invented, so that means it wouldn't be so easy trying to figure out what would happen under a circumstance.

Money is still a good thing, however.

I actually believe money is pretty much a neutral object. Whoever has the money, they can do whatever they want to it. The golden rule is not treat others the way you want to be treated, rather whoever has the gold makes the rules. (But, you can also say that is two different rules.) And like I have mentioned previously, money has helped us advance. Instead of carrying 40 pigs for one single item, we are able to carry the amount of 500 pigs IN OUR POCKET. Then, when we had people that had so many bills they couldn't fill in their wallet, they had obtained credit cards. Credit cards (Depending on the type of credit card that you have...) now can hold hundreds of thousands of dollars! With that, money is practically if you put everything with monetary value in a blender, put it in a mold, and used it as currency.


I have seen an advertisement about money changing forever, and it talked about how companies are getting ready for it so that they could earn a huge profit. (I really don't have any idea if this is true, but I highly doubt it.) I honestly have no idea for the future of money, but I do know its one of the reasons we are progressing so fast in technology. However, I believe the more rare it gets, the more people going REALLY desperate to get some. Some people out there are nearly dying of hunger, so they have to do whatever they need to do to survive. I seen someone pretend to be blind and playing video games, and she had said that 7$ does not get you anywhere, and said it was like 7 cents! Honestly, 7 dollars nowadays can get you a blanket, some food to last a day, a drink, and many more of those necessities. So for the people spending 500$ on cosmetics, you don't really know how to handle cash.


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author avatar brendamarie
17th Jul 2015 (#)

People than would steal what ever we used for currency No matter what there will always be good and bad in the world.

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author avatar Deepizzaguy
17th Jul 2015 (#)

The love of money is the root of all evil. Money is needed since without money all of us would starve and be homeless.

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