Is writing for worth it.

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This page is about, and whether or not this is a site worth writing and earning with.

Watch for scams

More and more people are needing work these days, and as the demand for work increases there is a ever increasing number of people, trying to find a income online. People need to pay there bills, so if that means going online to write for there money, then that is exactly what they are going to do. But when one decides to start writing online, then we must be sure that the website we have chosen to work for is worth it. There are many scams online, and some sites may not actually be a scam, but will pay you way under what you should be getting, for the writing that you are doing., is a site which I have known about now for a while, it is a site which I have seen much discussion about on the internet, and not everything I have read has been
good. Many people have written about there problems with getting there work published on the site, but I must say this is a problem which I have not had myself. If you write a well written piece of writing, then in my personal experience, you should have no problems at all with getting it published on this site. I wonder, what the standard of writing is, with these people who have complained about there work not being published on the site. One thing I myself can see, is the fact that the sites layout, and general
format is rather basic and unprofessional. This gives you a feel, of a quickly put together website, which has not had the time and effort put into it that it should have had. And ultimately gives off the impression that, is not as professional as many of the other top writing sites online.

Will I get paid?

Your earnings on, are updated once a month, and this is something I have noticed the sites users are not happy with, but for me this is fine, as I work for other sites which only update your earnings once a month. Now I am quite positive that some people writing for these types of sites, are in it to learn, and have fun, but for most, it is about the money. I do not think there would be even half the online writers that there are today, if a cash incentive was not being offered. So we must make sure we pick sites which are going to pay us what we deserve, and this is where I think needs to improve. Whether it is due to low page rankings, or something else, I am not sure but I have found this site to be a little low paying. In my opinion it is not a scam, but it is not one of the major writings sites either, I would say there are better websites to write for. pays you straight into your bank account.

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author avatar MMD
4th Oct 2013 (#)

Will look this new site.

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author avatar M G Singh
5th Oct 2013 (#)

Another interesting review. Do review and fullofknowledge .com.

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author avatar micheal
5th Oct 2013 (#)

yes my friend, I can do that but I have no mouse for my computer until monday morning. So monday morning I will have this information for you sir.

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author avatar Rose*
23rd Nov 2013 (#)

I hadn't heard of firehow before. Am off to check them out!

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author avatar micheal
23rd Nov 2013 (#)


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author avatar Tranquilpen
28th Apr 2016 (#)

Many writers like us, know that there are some pretty decent writing sites out there and are posting there and being paid. Since we all can benefit from the knowledge, why don'd we apply the principles of UBUNTU? Not sure what I mean? just Google it... Nelson Mandela left that legacy for all of us.

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