It’s Against The Law! Top Reasons We All Brush Up With The Legal System

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This article discusses the reasons for the law and just why many of us chose to brush up on it!

Reasons For The Law

There is a reason for the law, it essentially governs society and prevents anarchy. Yes, that’s right! It’s a pretty serious matter. There are a lot of different laws, some of them very obvious and present in almost every society throughout the history of humanity - things like theft and murder, for example. Other laws are a lot more esoteric, such as financial regulations and tax laws.
I’m not talking to criminals here, this is an exploration of how the average law abiding citizen might be affected by the law, and how to deal with it.
So, how does the law affect us – and what are the top reasons that we all brush up against it?


I am by no means trying to stomp on the entrepreneurial spirit that many young people thrive on, but you really need to know what you’re doing to make sure you comply with the law when starting your own business. For example, when you employ someone you need to have employers’ liability insurance. This doesn’t occur to many people and they may end up making an unintentional legal mistake, which can cost dearly. It is in fact a compulsory under the Employers' Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969.
It’s sometimes not that easy to know when or how the law will affect you, for example there are a many people who will find themselves in hot water when they start their own business and won’t understand the ins and outs of the laws that they must comply with. For example, company registrations and tax compliance can be a bit of a minefield and it may be best to seek legal counsel. This kind of service is offered by most lawyers not just the high-flying expensive ones so when looking for help solicitors in Surrey are just as likely to be of assistance as those in London.


Arguably the most significant purchase that any person makes in their life, in most cases, is property. Many people enter into the property market and there are numerous legal ramifications to this. Private property and ownership of land is a legal process, therefore if you’re buying a house you can’t avoid brushing up with the law.
There are many people who buy a second property, usually as a form of investment. This includes things like holiday lets abroad. Buying abroad can complicate matters further. Mortgages and legal agreements of a financial nature with banks abroad can be very difficult, and you may need a lawyer to facilitate these agreements abroad. This was discussed in an article in The Guardian newspaper by Harvey Jones which pointed out the volatility that a foreign purchase can throw up.

Family Matters

Right, well this is probably inevitable. It’s not too cheery, but things like death and divorce are very common and they require legal processes to resolve them. When a person dies, there is a process of transferring their estate according to the deceased wishes. This is the most basic way that many people interact with lawyers, upon receiving a part of a relative’s estate.
Matters could be complicated by disputes over the will, which can be very upsetting for grieving families but are unfortunately relatively common. There are a lot of family disputes that require legal representation, such as divorces and annulments. Many family matters can be resolved by mediation services, and this is a common practice when there are disputes.

How To Deal With It

Of course there are many other ways you might brush up against the law, but these are three of the most common ones. If you don’t know how to deal with these brushes though, it can be quite difficult and intimidating.
The key is to seek good lawyers who are experienced enough to help you effectively. A good tip is to find a firm that offers a variety of legal services as this shows they are well versed in various types of representation.
There are so many ways you could brush up with the law, but making sure you have the right approach and are aware of it will mean you are better prepared should that happen.

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