Knowledge and Luck for Stock Market Investment

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There is no doubt you need knowledge in stock market investment. But you must be wondering how to develop that knowledge? So, let’s explore.

What are the various ways?

One good way is to read books about stock market investment. To start with, you can read books of Warren Buffett and his concept on investment and stock market.

You can also take a short course in corporate finance and accounting so that you can read the financial report. On the other hand, you can also take a college degree in applied finance to learn more about stock market investment.

You can learn to use analyst reports to select stock, and decide what to buy and when to buy.

However, the best knowledge comes from your personal experience in this field. So, when you decide to invest a few hundred dollars in stock market, the text book knowledge will automatically get converted into practical knowledge.

However, there is also an element of luck in stock market investment.

There are times when every educated investor makes mistake in judgment, and the fools win. There are times when some of the speculators will make tons of money even without following the golden rules of investment. Therefore, luck plays a very crucial role in this type of investment.

You can create your luck by selling at the peak period. This is mainly because hardly anyone is willing to sell at the peak. They are all hoping for the stock market to go even higher. That is why they miss the peak, and make lesser money from stock market investment.

Many wise investors do not even buy when the market is down. They do not have the courage to sink money into stock market investment, since they foresee something worse than the worst.

That is why luck is so very important. However, do not rely solely on your luck. Luck can run out. But good knowledge on the tips and tricks of investing in stock market stays with you forever.

Aim to learn more about stock market, and learn to make wise judgment on it at the same time. Learn to believe in your logical thinking, and sink money into stock market investment when everyone is running away from it.

Remember, you will get rich when you have a solid foundation in stock market investment, and you have acted on it. Best of luck!


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author avatar snerfu
6th Sep 2015 (#)

Nice tips and a good article Saurav. Makes good reading.

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author avatar SauravBanerjee
6th Sep 2015 (#)

Thanks snerfu.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
6th Oct 2015 (#)

My experience has been - half the companies going for listing disappear after few years. If the promoters have intentions to cheat nothing can stop them!

One should have a balanced portfolio and in in terms of stocks one should go in for blue chips and stay for the long term - siva

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author avatar SauravBanerjee
16th Oct 2015 (#)

Thanks Siva.

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