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There are loads of fiction magazines out their online now, who will pay writers for short and flash fiction. LampLight is one such site and one of the better paying, read this page to find out more.

Fiction magazines online

Writing online has changed so much in the last few years. Things that used to be good are now gone, a new things have replaced them only to fail. One thing which is not failing, but in fact seems to be getting stronger, is the online fiction magazines. Now some of these sites don't pay all that well, but if your really good then there are a few sites which pay out well.


One of these sites is LampLight, here is a site who really do pay well for accepted stories. There are two kinds of stories which LampLight will accept, flash fiction and short stories. Flash fiction being stories under 1000 words and short stories being within 2000 to 7000 words. For any stories which LampLight deem fit to accept, they will pay $50 for flash, and $150 for any short stories. That's not bad, 50 dollars for a thousands words is pretty good money for online writing I would say.

If you wish to give this a go, then you need to keep in mind that you will have to write to a particular genre. They say that they want stories from the darker side of fiction, but not gore or slime, but sort of weird stories instead. If you really want to know what LampLight are after, then their magazines first issue is a free copy which you can pick up on their site to read.

Why do it?

Sites like this are great, especially for new writers hoping to write a book one day. If someone, like LampLight is willing to pay you 150 dollars for your short stories, chances are your a good writer who could sell books. Getting published will give you the confidence to go on to bigger and better things, as well as help to get your name out their a bit as a fiction writer. So if your thinking about writing fiction for money, test your skills at LampLight. The worst that can happen is you get knocked back.

Like many online fiction magazines, LampLight will take a while to get back to you after you send your story. And like most of these sites, they give the time limit of 90 days but it is usually much faster. The most I have ever had to wait is 73 days, although that was with another similar site. LampLight is a great way to test your fiction writing and earn a little cash in the process. You can expect plenty of feedback, whether or not your work is published. If there are things to work on with your fiction writing, then the editors at LampLight will sure tell you, so it can be a learning experience as well.

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author avatar M G Singh
31st Mar 2015 (#)

Great post. Do they accept writers from Asia and UAE

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author avatar micheal
1st Apr 2015 (#)

I am not sure madan sorry, but most of these types of sites accept from anywhere as long as the english is written well, so you may be okay

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