Laptop-Buying A Used Laptop Is Not Such A Bad Idea! But Getting A Good Bargain Doesn't Always Happen Instantly

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This article will discuss how you can save a lot of money buy purchasing a used laptop and will talk about how you can go about getting the best deal.

Shop Wisely and Be Patient!

I have recently purchased one on Ebay auctions that was in mint condition and only paid $68.00 for it with free shipping! I didn't find it overnight, it took about a week but with patience it really paid off.

One day my laptop computer broke down, so I had to purchase another computer. I only had that one and my cell phone for internet access. This was during the time I was constructing websites and needed a computer more than ever. Has anyone ever created a website using a cell phone? Believe it or not I was able to create two of them and it was no picnic! I really don't know how I did it on such a small screen with minimum capabilities, but as the old saying goes "where there's a will there's a way".

I am on a fixed income with social security after having a major motorcycle accident and before my injury I worked 80 hours a week and earned a good income. I don't know if any of you are on social security, but what they expect you to survive on is below minimal standards! With this in mind and knowing I need a laptop, I decided to go to online and search for a used laptop. With all my monthly bills and planning on getting married in the near future I basically have a limited amount of money to spend.

So I focused on a few laptops that I liked on Ebay and watched them to see the bidding activity. I won one of the laptops for $68.00 with free shipping! In this article I have added a tip on how you can get ahead of the others and win some auctions that you like.

When I get this laptop I was truly amazed with its condition. It was like having a new computer without paying the new price! Trust me you can find many items like this, but you have to keep digging for them because they're out there. Also before you bid be sure to check the sellers rating to see have reputable the seller is. It is safe to buy from Ebay because they have strict guidelines for sellers and happen to own PayPal, did you know that? So if you have a problem with a product and the seller is no cooperating with you, they are quick about giving you a refund buy reversing the sale and giving you your money back.

Also try to buy a laptop with free shipping; it makes a big difference at times because of some of the sellers S&H prices. When you log in to your account you can filter out items offering free shipping and your price range so you don't have to search through 10,000 items.

You can also find many great deals on refurbished laptops as well. All you have to do is decide the maximum amount you want to spend based on your budget and begin your search.

Refurbished Laptop Computers

You can also find good deals on refurbished laptop computers as well, but they will usually cost a little more. Basically purchasing a refurbished computer is like a new one in a sense. The computer has been fully inspected and all defective parts have been replaced. If I were purchasing a refurbished computer, I would make sure that it came with some type of guarantee, it the event something winds up being wrong with it. They typically come with at least a 30 day guarantee against defects and even warranty. Some can go as high as one year!

Ebay and Amazon Two Great Places 1,000's of Deals!

Who Says Quality Has to Drain Your Wallet

I do almost all of my buying through Ebay and Amazon. The reason is as I stated before, they have been around forever, they have strict guidelines for their sellers, they offer great products and good customer service. These companies make their sites a safe place to purchase items from and have excellent products, so why would you want to shop elsewhere? Granted you can go to other sites offering high grade products as well, but you’re going to pay a lot more for it! I just know that my budget can not afford it and I don’t want to buy a product with 12 months of payments attached to it!

Tips For Getting Good Deals on Ebay

Get the Edge on The Other Bidders!

Here’s a little I would like to share with you on how I purchase items on Ebay at great deals on auction. Try to find items you are really interested in ending usually in the middle of the night. Make sure you don’t have an early morning! What I do for all the items I buy from them is to track items I really wish to buy and follow them throughout the auctions. I really do not watch Buy it Now auctions, because I know I can buy them at any time for that price! I also don’t follow reserve auctions, because I’m not really sure on how far I am off on their reserve price. I just focus on and watch the ones that have open bidding with No Reserve, meaning that the items are sold at that last bid placed. I usually buy mostly all of my items that offer free shipping. If the item is out of my price range, then I move on to the next item. You can filter out the items when you log on to your Ebay account to only show products offering free shipping. Okay back to the subject on the getting a good deal. Keep in mind that a great deal of bidding happens during the last 2 minutes of the auction 90 percent of the time.Alright you have been watching the item up until now, your price is in range and you want the item. During the last few minutes, get ready to place your bid. Put in your maximum bid amount (the highest your willing to pay). Press okay and there is one last step that says, something like confirm this bid. HOLD OFF until maybe the last 30 seconds of the auction, then press confirm bid. If someone hasn’t placed an automated bid higher than you, the auction will say that you are currently the high bidder. The next person doesn’t have enough time to place a bid. Presto! You have just won the item you wanted at your price!

More info on this subject
When you place an automated bid say $5.00 over the price, the auction doesn’t take all of the money to place your bid, it usually takes $1.00 at a time.

What if someone else is doing the same thing?
Than whoever placed the highest maximum bid wins. Then back to the drawing board. I have been buying things a lot recently and this has happened to me about 2 times out of 20 auctions.

How can I tell if I will most likely win the auction?
Usually when you see the last bid at an odd bid, such as $10.01, $20.32, $9.49, etc. This bid has been manually placed in as where Ebay’s automated system only does even bidding. It could have been also that this was the maximum bid the person initially typed in and then Ebay will enter that last high bid, which tells you no one else entered another automated bid. The auction should then be yours with holding out to confirm your bid within the last 20-25 seconds. You then just got the item you wanted at your price! You can bid like this during the daytime as well, but I think the competition is way down in the middle of the night, when most people are sleeping. I did this a month ago I purchased a mint Gateway laptop(I’m using right now typing this info) for $68.00 with free shipping! I hope this helps everyone and you get all the items you want!

Article Summary

Keep in mind if you are looking for great deals on a laptop computer, but do not have the extra funds to purchase one or do not want monthly payments on one, these is a good alternative. Although you can also find excellent prices on new computers such as an Acer. I asked a lot of people about their opinion on one and most of them said they do not like them. I personally had three of them and had no problems with any.

So the logic of buying a used or refurbished computer is that you can purchase a much more expensive computer at a lower price. Everything I’m throwing at you is just personal opinions from myself and most people I have spoken to. So at least now we have discussed the three options you can use.

As far as purchasing a used or refurbished laptop computer, I personally would stick with Ebay or Amazon.


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