Large scale cheating of indians online

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Honest indians cheated of their hard earned money repeatedly online due to corrupt officials, lack of transparency and other factors beyond their control

Money making online fraud for Indians

Most countries are encouraging their citizens to export product and services to boost their economy, However despite the great poverty in the country, powerful corrupt top officials in the indian internet sector take a sadistic pleasure in blocking the payment of Indians who have done some work for foreign websites. These officials are getting a salary monthly and pension even if they do no work, yet they are very selfish and cruel when they block the payment which internet users should receive after spedning a significant amount of time and money online.

The latest post was about a website Chatabout where a Indian member mentioned that when she reached 1000 points instead of getting her money, she found that her account was closed. Members from other countries do not face a similar problem of having their payment blocked. Postloop and The Forumwheel are other forums where members have reported a similar problem. A webmaster found that her payment of more than $50 was blocked at the website giving flimsy excuses of lack of funds, though members from all other countries were receiving their payment.

Usually Fiverr will pay members, yet in one case, allegedly the infatuation of powerful fraud R&AW, NTRO officials for the lazy greedy goan slut sunaina, who sleeps with them, caused a loss of more than $100 to an experienced webmaster. These powerful officials had already allegedly duped Ebay that the goan slut sunaina was an experienced webmaster, ebay seller to get the lazy greedy inexperienced goan slut sunaina lucrative jobs and great powers , stealing the resume of the experienced webmaster, when the pampered goan fraud never had an Ebay account.

Now these fraud officials wanted to falsely claim that the Fiverr account also belong to the lazy greedy goan slut sunaina or other cheater friends like gsb frauds riddhi siddhi, bengaluru brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar. So when the experienced webmaster tried to withdraw the hard earned money from the Fiverr account, she found that the account was closed. It appears that the powerful greedy officials in indian intelligence agencies like R&AW who have already stolen her retirement savings without a court order, made false claims to Fiverr , to cause her further financial losses and hardship.

Due to the complete lack of transparency in Indian intelligence agencies, especially related to the indian internet sector, powerful officials are able to abuse their power repeatedly for personal gain or hatred without being punished or even questioned. Indian webmasters of websites like Indiblogger, Digitalbhoomi are allegedly forced by these officials to close the account of select webmasters to cause them financial losses, and blackmail them to agree to identity theft. webmasters and domain investors in india cannot even find out the names, designation and location of these officials who are causing financial losses.

Before 2010, the number of these fraud cases, was relatively less, most companies worldwide were paying as promised . However in 2014-2015, the number of fraud cases has increased significantly for experienced webmasters and others in India, also based on forum talk. It would be interesting to find out where the money earned by the indians online disappears. Do the officials blocking the payment get a share of the money earned for doing the work online? Why has it become so difficult for the internet user to find out?

It is a clear case of commercial or business fraud, there is no national security matter in blocking a payment of amount as small as $1 to $115 without a legally valid reason. If a person does some work at home or outside like painting, repairs,design work, most people and businesses will pay the vendor as promised. Then why are internet users in India expected to quietly tolerate being cheated, especially when they have spent a large amount of time and money, doing the work.The cheaters have no right to protest against the news, it is not defamation

Does any know the names, designations of the officials who are regulating the online payment in India, closing accounts ? Has your payment from any website been blocked without a valid reason? Please share, it will help others, so that they do not waste their valuable time and money .

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