Last shopping spree forever

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Have you ever felt that perhaps you now have quite enough material goods, and really don't need to spend any money on more and more things, other than small amounts for food and such? So have I. Now only if I could stick to my resolution of not buying anything else...

Last shopping spree forever

Well, recently I released the first official version of my latest movie online. It was at some point called Robot Time Travelers and then Timebotics and then The Future.

But something is weird. It's like I'm getting absolutely no interest online. Just about nobody whatsoever have a look.

Wow, ok, this is weird. Usually when you upload trailers and stuff everywhere online, you'll find that they do get viewed.

It seems that may have been the case 10 years ago, but in today's time, it's very hard to get any eyeballs onto your online creations.

Feeling a little down, I have to go to town today since it's Friday anyway, so I decide not to worry about The Future for the time being and just go enjoy a day out on the town.

I start by having a fantastic warm very foamy bath whilst watching a bit of movie.

Then I go to town and spend just about the entire day there. I should always devote the entire day to my visit in town because usually I just go around 3pm and then some shops close at 5pm so it's always a rush and I don't get to do half of what I wanted to.

Today however, I get to do all the things I've been wanting to do for a while, like registering to vote. 15 years ago when I registered, I was staying at Rand Estate at the time and registered and voted in the Rand.

I've never been there on voting day after that, so I could never vote after that and have been meaning to register myself again so I can vote when I'm staying here on Tower Hills.

I go to the IEC office in Voortrekkerdorp. Oh dear, we spend almost 20 minutes to half an hour just to locate Tower Hills on their little printed out maps.

Finally we think we have it but when I ask them so where is the voting booth going to be set up, they can't tell me. I decide I'll just ask everybody else on Tower Hills where the closest voting booth is.

And then, I spend all day spending all my money buying stuff. Not only for the house and yard, but some clothes and some things I could use around the house and some ornaments and things I could use for The Future.

I have however noticed for some time now that I have a lot of things that rarely get used.

And so, I decide that today will probably be my last shopping spree ever. I don't need any more things aside from one or two things a month and of course food, but more material goods I don't think I'll be needing for a while.

So yes, today's very enjoyable shopping spree shall be my last shopping spree ever.

At Mr. Price Home where I buy some things for The Future, I can't use my credit card for everything because it's just about maxed out.

So I try to use another card for a savings account I have at another bank.

Oh dear. It's expired. They haven't notified me at all about my card having expired. It's expired in December of 2013.

I have to leave some things behind for now, go get a new card at that bank, and then come back for the things later. I do so.

All in all, I must say I rather enjoyed today. I've been all over the city and looking at lots and lots of different shops and things and bought a lot of things. It's been fun but now I think I have enough material goods for a while.

I shall therefore not buy anything else for quite a while now.

Ok that intention probably won't last but we'll see.

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