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Scam-spam sites and my opinion
Reading my email- funny part

Scam - spam sites!

When we say SCAM, everybody knows what is it mean! Sites or -even better to say -people who own that sites are promising BIG MONEY! Tere is no way to become rich especially when you're clicking on ads or surfing.
Work from home, can sometimes be risk, but it definately has some nice suitability. You're sitting in your room, listening to the music, drinking coffee and surfing, or what else. And you can organize yourself - that's the most important thing! I feel happy about earning royalties this way. I always LOVE to say this - making something from nothing is much better than zero! But I have to say, people be aware of scam, don't let them cheat you- be smart! There is something funny (and stupid) that I have to say about one scam site. Feel free to laugh when you read this and please share with your friends- bealive me it's true!
Last year I found one site,don't really remember where exactly, and I registered even if I knew it's scam (later I'll tell you why) - Let's have some fun - I thought :). It was offering a one dollar ad, it has a lot of ads (just to become rich in 5 minutes) haha! People who own this site had never pay a penny although I found some payment proofs- shown nowhere else but on their site. Everything I earned I redeem for advertising on that PTC site - The Victory was mine!!! I got what I wanted.

Reading my email

I forgot to unsubscribe my email adress from that site. A few days ago I was reading emails from inbox, had really a lot of work to do that day. Than I saw 'their' email and tried to read it (this is the part where you should laugh). It says:

Hello dear Dusica,

Today we added back PayPal to ****,. The instant payments will be enabled on 36-Mar-2012 12.00 GMT on server time.

Thanks for your kind co operation.


What ? Mart has a 36 days??? hahahaha. I answered them: 'OMG, I can't wait to see that! Mart 36. was always my lucky day!' That means payment will never be enabled... I had to be ironic :)


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author avatar Hickory Cottage
17th Apr 2012 (#)


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author avatar Jim
26th Apr 2012 (#)


Came to look/see and had a good laugh. Not unlike the emails I find in my spam file dated 20 yrs in the future or even 10 yrs ago.

Well the ones dated 10 yrs ago might be good ones but lost by yahoo. Yahoo has a very bad habit of not being timely with your mail.


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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
27th Apr 2012 (#)

Funny and wasting time too to run after the scams! Ain't it?
Thanks for sharing.

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author avatar Dydy
27th Apr 2012 (#)

Yes it is :) That's why I shared this with you . Thank you for commenting :)

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author avatar Dydy
27th Apr 2012 (#)

Jim thank you for comment, and information - I use gmail. You probably didn't see you wrote Dusicia instead Dusica, but it's ok :) :)

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author avatar Bikx
27th Nov 2012 (#)

LOL!!!! 36 march ha ha ha ha JOKE of the day for me ROFL

Thanks for the share..

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author avatar Dydy
16th Dec 2012 (#)

:) yah it is lol

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