Let’s Sell that Used Pricey Watch!

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If you are looking to your expensive watch then this post can surely help you understand how to do it.

Time is precious

Time is precious”! You must’ve heard the phrase repeatedly which is why watch is considered the best object keeping you updated with latest time and moments you spend. The history of telling time goes back to Stone Age when cavemen used to carve initials on the wall, then came the era of hourglass and ground carvings.

However today, things have changed quite a bit, producing stylish watches of many types. Usually expensive, these are considered best for gifting or simply for special occasion but if you’ve been keeping such pieces in cupboard for a long time, better resell it and earn some healthy dough.

An Intro to Expensive Watch

Expensive watches represent status and wealth with being a personality insignia. The hype of wristwatch collection increased with royal businessmen and industrialists spending thousands for a single piece thus raising demand. Some people simply love to collect them for showcasing while others for wearing of-course!

Elements used in manufacturing such timepieces are rare and costly which determines the overall value. Gold, silver, titanium and even original diamond components are utilized. Moving on with how to resell them after use, continue reading further.

The Worthy Facts

Dozens of watch manufacturing companies are engaged 24/7 to capture the market and seize time which is why cost of previous model is depreciated every quarter or yearly. Therefore, settle on the current market price before allotting your own! Another effective way is to pay a personal visit to watch market which will definitely remove persisting confusion if any.

Classified Websites

Internet is considered as a battleground for trading goods whether used or hottest. Thousands of websites are dedicated solely to the purpose of buying and selling like eBay, Amazon, OLX and many others. So there’s no better source to resell a used yet posh fob watch and earn some bucks. You’ll need to create a free account or pay insignificant registration fee to start. Take stunning images of the item you’re planning to sell, upload on the website, add description and it’s ready to market.


Though it’ll take some time especially when engaged in mass marketing, email is rather a personalized approach to target specific customers. You can extract the respective customer ids from archive and simply began sending mails. Be sure to add a catchy “Subject” line as recipients discard most marketing emails and you sure don’t want them to miss the golden chance of getting their hands on pricey pocket timepiece.

Direct Approach

Want immediate results? Simply take your watch to the market sell it to a vendor on spot! Decorating a cart is simply waste of time and money so better approach the merchant directly. Negotiate over the commission and never leave the product even for a minute especially after handing it over. Plus, live selling experience has its own charm, you also get to meet the buyer and negotiate over price rather than relying exclusively on the seller.


Though internet gives you competitive edge, there are minor setbacks and fraudulent buyers who might rob you, posing as casual customers. Be very careful when exchanging vital info and it’s absolutely pointless to mention your house address. Conduct transaction in a more commercial environment, thus avoiding elusiveness. Follow the same rule even when selling women sunglasses or any other product.

And this is how you can sell a hand-me-down, costly watch!


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