Let's Stop Making the Rich Even Richer

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One percentage of the population holds ninetynine percent of the wealth. The poor are continually given their money to the rich. It is time we turned the tables and started to keep the money in the hands of "the little people". How to be smart with your money.

Greed is Unfair

I hate capitalism, I hate greed. I hate the idea that some people can accumulate more money than others on a gross scale with no accountability to the fact that they are putting other people into poverty while living in luxury.

When a CEO makes millions of dollars per year by keeping bottom level employes on minimum wage just because they can, it repulses me. That is how capitalism works, one person benefits by taking money from others. We can stop it by refusing to give them our money.

Where Do You Shop?

Do you shop at big box stores, chain stores, and so forth, or do you shop at locally owned independent small business?

Every time you shop at a big box store or franchise, or eat at a chain restaurant, you need to realize you are to blame for making the rich even richer. You are the person giving them your money. You are draining your local economy because those places send money/profits out of the local economy and put it right into the hands of the CEO's in terms of bonuses and such.

Online shopping hurts the local economy too because it sends profits out of your local area forever.

If you really want to keep money in the hands of local people you need to change your shopping habits and start shopping at small locally owned independent businesses, keeping money in the hands of local people who are not billionaires. You can also shop at farmer's markets and so forth.

How Do You Pay?

Many people give little thought to the impact of how they pay.

Paying with credit card or debit card is the worst thing to do. Paying with cash is the best.

When you pay with credit card or debit card you might be aware of the charges you pay but are you aware that the businesses also have to pay a fee every time these cards are used?

With credit cards the businesses pay a flat rate per month plus a percentage of every swipe of the card. With debit cards they pay a flat rate per every use of the card.

A small business can easily be spending hundreds of dollars every month in credit card and debit/Interac fees alone. This money goes to making the credit card companies and banks even richer. Wouldn't you rather have this money kept in the local economy where it could be used to increase wages or have them hire another employee?

For sure paying with cash keeps the local economy strong.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
9th Jan 2015 (#)

I find that a person can buy more unique things from the smaller independent stores too, the chains tend to carry bland generic things with no real personality.

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author avatar Grant Peterson
9th Jan 2015 (#)

It is true that when you use chain stores you do make the rich richer, but in some towns and shopping centers there is little choice but to shop there, because the lease terms do not allow the little guy to enter the marketplace.

Truth is capitalism is a form of society that needs to be brought to an end - it is no use simply supporting the little capitalist because many of the little capitalists of today will become the global capitalist of tomorrow and the very things you accuse the CEOs of doing will be as relevant tomorrow as today, capitalism needs to be brought to an end now but in order to achieve that takes organization and leadership.

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