Letting Agents, a real need for safe Property Management

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Read this article to know how safe is it to use online letting agents but with all eyes open. Amman and Jordan have shown good property potential and it gets even better if you deal through a responsible real estate agent.

Should use letting agents or not

Some days back I was scrolling down a couple of property blogs, observing the trials and tribulations of my fellow bloggers when I came across a debate over a forum about whether a new landlord should use letting agents or not? I wasn’t much amazed because the question wasn’t anything that hasn’t been discussed earlier. I found myself tempted to answer it so I preferred writing my own blog to justify my precious insights rather than commenting on any other forum, which might go unnoticed.

Before I get into the crux of this question, I would like to make it clear that the opinions shared have no statistical figures or surveyed answers, but based on experiences, trends and insights. Referring to property management and the question listed above, I am very much sure; the majority prefers using letting agents to avoid legal hassles whether it be local, regional, international or online letting agent. The issue of letting agents is on trial today, viewing the prospects of property management in Amman and Jordan. I’m sure everyone has their own ‘take’ and here’s mine….

With recent developments of online letting agents offering real estate services at minimum costs, it has become simpler, easier and more approachable than ever. There was a time when the service charges for each property management were about 2 to 5 percent. It made sense to pay a little more to avail full-service property management packages. Now the online agencies have torn apart the price rates by a considerable amount. So now applying for the property management package will cost much more as never expected before. However, I would still advise new property owners to use reliable letting agents, if they are shaky about which way to take. But at the same time I stand here and say to look for the reliable sources and never go blind. Three types of landlords should go for experienced letting agents:
• Inexperienced property owners
• Overseas Landlords
• For those who stay with these hassles

Referring to the apartments and property in Amman, Jordan, these places have a lot of room to offer. Amman and Jordan are among some of the places where the property demand is hiking, directly proportional to industrial growth. Landlords have got active in manipulating profits by selling and re-buying or else enjoy the monthly income. But being a landlord isn’t easy. It involves different aspects like collecting rent, maintenance or regular check on utilities. Don’t be fooled by the pretty picture of the sum of money you are getting every month, its all smoky at the backstage. Tenants can get tougher or they may cheat on you by not paying utilities, or stealing fixtures etc. On the other hand, big fish will never let you survive, they would try to take over your property and play on it. Similarly, apart from the glamor it shows, there is the whole lot that force you reduce your concrete assets into mud. New landlords do not acknowledge the need of legal responsibilities and this is why they get trapped by high street realtors.

My point is, working with reputed realtors or online letting agents is far to easier, safer and helps you gain crucial marker knowledge, which later can guide you if you feel like operating or managing your property on your own.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
3rd Feb 2014 (#)

Never let your home out. My tenant called himself the owner and with the fraudulent bank rep stole my house and called me a tenant of the place. I am fighting a court case for this as we speak. Learnt my lesson about tenancy and Letting Agents, they are crooks as with Home seller/Buyers who don't check lagalities and implications of their actions.

Oh yea they just destroyed my name, reputation, tried to kill me, tried to steal my belongings, get me raped and what not all for my house. Husband is in a mental asylum too thanks to the tenancy.

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