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After going through the information given below, you are ready to list a property for sale in the right way.

Listing a property

Listing a property or a piece of land for sale is not a rocket science as almost anyone can do so regardless of their academic background. Mostly, people use to market their land using the internet without assistance of an estate agent to avoid paying the commission rate. Still, hiring an agent is a traditional way to market a property and he takes around 5 to 7 percent of the total amount.

Before listing, you should renovate the land as an interested buyer might be willing to pay a higher amount. Whether it’s a property in Oman, Morocco or in any other region, given below are some essential guidelines for your assistance.

How & Where to Start From?

To make it look more attractive and presentable, you should start with fixing your property like landscaping and painting. Apply basic cleaning rules like washing of carpets, windows, curtains and other assets which might catch the attention of a buyer. If possible, hire a home inspector to help you allocate common and hidden defects that requires fixing.

What are the Most Effective Pricing Schemes?

A land which is priced well and reasonable sells faster as compared to the latter. High prices discourages buyers from the start which lead to procrastination in establishing contact. Similarly, if pricing below the existing rate, a buyer might think as if there are some defects in the property.

For this reason, you should first do an extensive survey of the area, ask estate agents about current market price and then settle upon a reasonable range. Prices can be considered using aspects like, age of the land, wear and tear done, current market, per square feet, surrounding facilities and amenities.

What are the Possible Payment Methods?

You should negotiate with a buyer as to how he’ll purchase your property and what payment method will he adopt. You can either take a lump sum or installment as well as opt for down payment like if total cost of a property is $1,000,000, you can take 10 percent down payment in advance. Reimbursement can either be taken as direct cash, online transfer or check depending on convenience.

How to Market?

There’re dozens of marketing methods which you can opt for depending upon budget and estimated time for selling. These are;

- Web Advertisements: Since the evolution of internet, web advertisements are the primary means to market a particular product or land in this instance. To upload your ad, simply contact a company providing the service, decide the price and have it live to be viewed globally.

- Social Media: Social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and others are considered best when it comes to attract a pool of interested buyers from all around the world. You can simply market the targeted property over these websites either for free or at a very nominal price.

- Real Estate Websites: There are many websites that deal, especially with property buying and selling, hence you can upload your ad over to them.

- Design a Banner: You can adopt the traditional marketing method like designing a banner and have it posted over in different areas. However, this is costly as well as time consuming.

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