Living on a Fixed Income and grocery shopping

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People living on a fixed income have to do without a lot of things that other people take for example. One of the biggest concerns is shopping for groceries. There is just not enough money to buy all the things we need each month.

Living on a fixed income

This article was written in 2013

Living on a fixed income is not easy. There are so many things that we have to do without. Shopping means stream lining your grocery money so that it fits in your budget. People living on a fixed income have to do without a lot of things that they need. At time it was so bad for me that I could buy fruit it was too expensive. I did buy meat and vegetables though.

Diet Soda

I am here dieing for some diet cola. I buy it it all the time. We have no juice left and I am stuck with drinking tea and coffee. We have no milk left so I have to use coffee mate. I don't have any sugar substitute left either. I didn't get my monthly groceries done yet, because the first week of the month is always more expensive to buy groceries. The grocery stores are notorious for waiting until people on welfare and pension to shop that week with no specials.

I wait until the second week to catch the specials, but I am running out of everything. I don't have any salt left either.

Note: I don't drink diet soda anymore because of having the weight loss surgery. I am not supposed to drink it. Carbonated beverages can expand my stomach.

I no longer crave diet cola

I want some pop. My son says he refuses to buy it at the little stores it is just too expensive. So I have to wait. I can't wait but I have to. I am like a junkie without my soda.

Oh well it is just a few days more days and I will have it.

Anybody else miss something when they don't have it?

Update: I kicked the habit after my weight loss surgery.

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