Low cost isn´t always a good deal

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Only on foot, travelling would be the cheapest way to travel.

Low cost isn´t always a good deal

This new company that gets its travellers on-line started in July last and meant to organise journeys through Europe at a ridiculous cheap price.
However, one of its journeys from Barcelona to London came to a halt when the coach was stopped by regional police on accounts that the driver had a faked driving licence and travelling documents.
The coach had 69 passengers on board, which is more than a legal coach will take.
They were stopped near France and the driver was arrested. Some of the passengers had to get hotel accommodation on their accounts, but others were left astray to spend the night in the service area.
Is it worth to pay for ridiculously low fares? I don´t think so, because in the end it may result more expensive.
On the last time I went from Ireland to London, I travelled with Euro Lines, which is an established coach company, but it was scary enough to travel with a Polish driver that took over from the Irish driver at Waterford to drive all the way from Waterford to London and he spoke nor understood any English at all.

Travelling may or may not be expensive, but it´s all where we want to go and how we´ve planned our journey.
There´re always offers and discounts from legal coach, train or air companies. Depending on what time of the year we want to travel will be more or less expensive deals, but quality and safety should count as well.
As regards accommodation, there´re many deals if we know how to search.
It all requires saving for it and good planning and search.
This driver was arrested because of his faked licence, but I´m pretty sure that they had meant to drive along European roads at lightening speed, which adds up another risk for those who travelled in the coach. This much I know as well, because in the past, I also bought tickets from a cheap company, which coaches covered the 625 kilometres from Barcelona to Madrid in much less than eight hours and without any stops in between for a rest. A legal company won´t take less than these eight hours, including two compulsory stops for the driver and the passengers to rest and they´ll have an extra driver in the event of an emergency.
Does anyone want to travel cheaply? This is fine, but safety and quality are as important as the price.
Only on foot would be the cheapest fare on Earth.

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author avatar Etc.
13th Aug 2014 (#)

Safety is definitely more important than price and, I agree, if you're going to spend the money, you should enjoy it: quality counts.

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author avatar Retired
13th Aug 2014 (#)

I agree safety is important, but some deals can be good. I regularly pay £1 on megabus from Oxford to London, for example. It is the same bus whatever price you pay so I use the megabus site a lot. I would be wary of something that wasn't the normal route, but also got a great deal on national express to get to Margate from London. However never again the 'magic bus' of my youth!

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author avatar vickylass
13th Aug 2014 (#)

Perhaps, going from Oxford to London is fine, but would you venture to go to Poland on such a company with drivers that have no licence or no extra driver for an emergency? It was wary enough to go from Cork to London with a Polish driver that knew any English at all and drove like a mad man.

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