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How to make a living on eBay with things just lying around your home.

Here Are Your Tips!

If you’re trying to make a living online, then you might want to consider spending some time getting to know online auction websites and having a good think about whether it would be at all possible for you to make a living out of them. This article will give you advice and ideas about how you can maximise your profits and make the most of the online services which are available to you.

List your items well. If you use a generic photograph from a search engine, you’re not very likely to be able to give your potential buyers a good enough idea of what they’re getting from you. If you photograph the actual item, probably from several angles, the buyer will then know precisely what they’re buying and will be able to work out how much they’re willing to pay.

List at the right time. If you try to sell summer clothes during the cold winter months, you’re not very likely to get much joy. If you have a lot of things for the next season, just waiting for a couple of months might make all the difference between how many of your items you manage to sell.

Clear out your house every four months. This is three times a year, and should give you the chance to get rid of everything that you bought and no longer need. It is much better than throwing things in the bin, as you will at least get a few pounds for each of your items.

Try buying your own stock, in bulk. There are many sellers on the internet who will sell certain items in bulk, even though they would get much more money if they sold them in their individual parts instead. You could do this yourself. I bought a pack of 100 glass beads for £40, and then sold them for £1 each. I plan to buy some more of these next month to make the same amount of profit.

Send your items promptly. The higher rating that you have as a seller, the more people are likely to buy from you in the future. If you are a good seller, and make sure that you send your items quickly, as agreed with the buyer, they are more likely to give you a positive rating.

If you take these initial tips into account, you should find that you’re able to make a good start selling things on the internet. Some people do indeed make a profit and a living from doing this; there is no reason that you should not be able to do the same.

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