Make Money With Paid to Click Sites Or Commonly Called as PTC

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How to make money with PTC sites or Paid to Click sites. I'm going to tell you what is the best PTC site that I have tried so far.

Make Money With Paid to Click Sites Or Commonly Called as PTC

At modern times many people are working online, making money at the comfort of their home. There are lots of ideas in the Internet on how to make money from home. One of these are the easiest, which is called Paid to click ads. Commonly, with few PTC sites you will earn up to $0.03 per click per 30 seconds. But with the PTC site that I am with today you will get up to $200 per click. Yes, you read it right, this is a no brainer PTC site that gives you up to $200 per click per 30 seconds. But there are lots of things you need to do first before you can achieve this $200 per click. And this PTC site is called

Take a look at this screenshot from a friend of mine. As she is investing more than me.
And the screenshot that I have is the one with lower earnings coz I only have small investment.

If you want to achieve such goal, you will need to invest. Investing is the best thing to do to get fast results. But I did not say that if you don't invest you wont earn. The difference between no investment and with investment is that, With investment you can easily reach your goal, earn big money faster. While with no investment it will take you months to get this kind of goal and you might can't reach it if you wont invest. For no investment you will get $0.0005 per click per 30 seconds, but even if you invest there are also chances that you get $0.0005 per click. So, you need to do some upgrades to avoid getting this very low paying ads to click.

How does the website works?

On Paidverts you will need some "Bonus Ad Points" or BAP. BAP are given free by viewing ads as well. They will send you 16 ads everyday with 25 BAP each ads that are given once you view these ads. You will get 400 free BAP each day. Each 30 BAP is worth $0.05 of ads to click. Once they send you a group of ads worth $0.05 they will take away 200 BAP from your balance and if you click those ads you will then start to earn some cash.

How to get more BAP?

To get more BAP you need to purchase ad packs. Each ad pack will cost you $1 and will give you hits to your advertisements of 50 clicks, some banner impressions of different sizes, and with 3100 BAP. If you buy $1 ad pack you will get 3100 BAP and this worth of BAP is equivalent to $1.55 worth of ads. So, you will earn 55% of what you've invested. So imagine if you are going to invest more with paidverts.

If you find this article helpful. My username is still enirosegab. I will also help you setting up your account and give you tips on how to do make money with paidverts properly.

If you have questions about Paidverts please comment on this page below. And don't forget to add me as your referrer on paidverts.


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author avatar YourFriend
8th Nov 2014 (#)

I can feel that you are happy with that program but honestly speaking, I am quite allergenic towards such programs.

I have tried Neobux and it went bad for me. Now I think why should someone waste his precious 30 seconds watching boring ads just for the sake of .005 $

No offense, but I really dislike programs like PTC.

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author avatar newme32
8th Nov 2014 (#)

Yeah I understand how you're feeling. But like I said with my method you will get $0.10 per click or more. Its just a matter of investment. I dont like neobux as well. If you invest like $80 on paidverts you will surely get ads of $0.10 plus a profit of 55% from your 80USD investment.

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author avatar Retired
11th Dec 2014 (#)

top...nice post

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author avatar Retired
2nd Apr 2015 (#)

I have never believed much in PTC programs, especially if they want money from me first to get better opportunities Besides, it seems to me the whole PTC idea is cheating those paying to get real clicks on their ads. .

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