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In this article I am going to explain an amazing way to make money online.

Unbelievable But Possible

Did you ever heard about making money with promoting a link to your friends?
Imagine that you were searching web and found an amazing website that you want to show it to your friends and you have 2000 friends who will click on everything you provide for them so this is a brilliant situation for you to make a lot of money. You can get some information on my previous article How Having 1000 Friend On Social Networks Can Be A Business Itself.
You can also provide for them links of downloads, links of musics, funny pics and many other URLs but if you want to make money this way you should do one simple thing, make your link shorter with adfly or shorte then put it for your friends.

But How They Make Money?

If you ever clicked on an adfly link you can see a small bar and see this sentence in it “ Your Site Here: 10,000 visitors / $5.00”, so here is the key they get money from people who want to show their page for 5 seconds before your page comes up. It is not always 5 $ it can be sometimes even 20$ for 10000 depend from which country you want traffic from.

So Any Fixed Strategy For This Way?

There is no fixed strategy for making money online, even autopilot systems are not 100% autopilot and they need some works and side plans to work better for you, you can check my article about it(Be A Maker Than A Copier).
But as always there are some base strategy for this way of making money online.
Here is the strategy:
As an example I think you have 1000 followers now. You can provide a graphical form which contain 5 link. A daily news paper or a newest music of week catalog or many other things can be your form (the only rule about it is that your form should contain 5 links which shortened by adfly) and all of your followers click on these links.
So you will have 5000 clicks and about 20$ for youand 600$ each month for just 1000 follower.
It’s not so bad, right?
NOTE: You should first find out your followers favorites and put for them related links to have more clicks.


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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
3rd Dec 2015 (#)

This is always been cool to learn how to make money online. Thanks for sharing.

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author avatar Mehdi RF
3rd Dec 2015 (#)

And it is always been cool to get these kinds of comments, thank you for commenting.

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author avatar Ken5-89
6th Dec 2015 (#)

Link shortners are popular ways to earn money online. I am going a step farther and putting links on sites like Reddit. However, I have not had much luck with link shorteners, before

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author avatar Mehdi RF
6th Dec 2015 (#)

thank you for you for your comment and useful information
and yes is really a good one on this

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author avatar charefeddine merah
11th Mar 2016 (#)

Nice one mehdi it's a good way to earn money easely :) keep working !

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