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Several tips for how to make more money at your current place of employment simply by using your time a bit differently. Working for another isn't always the best way to earn high income, but it can be if you're willing to work harder and smarter to earn more than the ordinary employee.


Many of us complain that we don't make enough money at work. Okay, that's fine, but how many of us are willing to do something about it? If you're one who is determined to earn more by working harder and smarter than the others, then you can achieve a promotion or higher pay as an employee.

Let's look at how we might do this simply by using our time differently at our place of employment.


Working overtime is a traditional way to earn more money at work by putting in more time on the job. In labor intensive organizations, the rate of pay often changes with the number of hours worked during each week. It is typical for anything over 40 hours per week to pay 150% of the normal hourly rate. Sometimes, work in excess of 60 hours a week can earn 200% of the normal hourly rate. It's also not uncommon for organizations to pay a premium for workers to stay on the job during weekends, holidays and other unforeseen circumstances.

Even professional organizations will offer overtime, even if it's only offered at the normal rate of pay. Nevertheless, you still make more money if your income is based on time spent at work. In these cases, working more hours means earning more money, and getting a better return on investment each day. Consider that you've already invested time and energy getting to work each day, and overtime is encouraged or at least allowed. If you make that daily commute pay off better by working extra hours, you're earning more money per round trip commute.

So, if you're interested in overtime or additional pay for more time applied to the job, you should let you desires be known, and inquire about how you might earn more by doing more work. There may be opportunities to make additional income at your place of employment, and those opportunities aren't coming your way simply because you haven't inquired or you haven't made your interests known.

Shift Work

Another way to make more income while doing shift work is to take a less desirable shift. Whether it's the swing shift or the night shift, there is usually a pay differential associated with those "other than normal" work shifts. If you think it through, some aspects of family life might be easier to manage if one person in the household worked an odd shift. It can also provide benefits in terms of going to work when everyone else is coming back home.

Shift work isn't necessarily the most desirable approach to earning extra income, but don't discount the income earning potential nor the additional benefits that might be found simply because your work-related activities are counter to what most others are doing at that same time. Also, be aware that sometimes an organization has the need for workers to "pull a double shift" when they have heavy production requirements or find themselves short handed. Make your interests known, and these circumstances could also present opportunities for you to earn more income.


Some companies offer boosts in pay simply because an employee stays longer with the organization. As sad as that might sound, it's not uncommon for large organizations to have just such policies. Years in service, sometimes a bit like years in prison, can be rewarded with small pay hikes.

The key is to know what your company expects and what their policies are, and then work within those parameters. Even if you don't get much of a raise in pay, sometimes paid time off for vacation and illness are increased over the years as a type of reward for company loyalty. Anytime you can obtain more paid time off, it has similar value as money simply because there will be times when you can't work or don't feel like it, and this paid time off will help normalize your income.


Working more hours isn't the most glamorous approach to earning more money, but it's often a reliable one. In addition, it's an approach that usually has relatively low risk. If you're in a "worker bee" situation now, it may be the best way to earn higher income. Otherwise, you'll want to look for alternatives like advancement, a different job, supplemental money making ideas, or even self employment.


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