Make Sure You Have All the Tennessee Insurance You Need

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Make Sure You Have All the Tennessee Insurance You Need

Make Sure You Have All the Tennessee Insurance You Need

Everyone needs to be insured. It’s not only a good idea; it is also something you will usually be required to carry by law. This is especially true of Tennessee auto insurance. You need to know what insurance you need to carry and what insurance you should carry. Do you need Tennessee auto insurance, home insurance or trucking insurance? Find out the minimum requirements that you have to carry by Tennessee law. You may want to carry more than the minimum requirements.
Tennessee Auto Insurance
Everyone is required by law to carry Tennessee auto insurance. There are no exceptions. You must carry proof of insurance and show it to police officers if they request to see it. You can be fined if you don’t have proof of insurance on you at all times. You must carry 25,000/50,000/15,000 at a minimum. This will give you $25,000 per person or 50,000 for more than one person. It will also give you 15,000 in property damage. This is just for damages and injuries that you cause another person. It does not give you protection for injuries or damages you sustain.
Remember that you must show proof of insurance if asked for by a law enforcement officer. Failure to have proof could result in a fine. Failure to have insurance could result in suspension of your driver’s license.
This is just the minimum requirements by law. It is a good idea to carry insurance coverage that will cover injuries you receive. This would be different than your liability cover. Personal injury is available so you will have insurance to cover your own medical bills. Some states require you to carry personal injury protection. Tennessee does not require it.
You can find plenty of insurance companies that will even compare quotes for you online. It does pay to compare quotes so you can get the most affordable insurance.
Tennessee Home Insurance
Although there are no legal requirements that say you must carry Tennessee home insurance, it is a good idea. This is especially true if you live in an area that is likely to meet with a natural disaster such as flooding, fires or wind damage. If you have a mortgage you will most likely be required to carry home insurance by the financial institution.
Home owners insurance will cover damage to your house and the property within the home. It will also give you liability insurance in case of injuries to another person. This could be injuries from a dog or a fall. Any injury that happens to someone while they are on your property will be covered.
When you are buying home insurance make sure you figure out how much you really own in property. Most people don’t really know how much they actually own and will give a figure that is much lower than what they have. Don’t forget you will be counting everything; appliances, clothing, electronics, computers, furniture, personal items, and the list goes on and on.
The cost of Tennessee home insurance will differ depending on where you live. People who live in areas that could be hit by natural disasters more often could pay more than others. Those living near water will pay more than those living on higher ground. Remember to check out quotes from several companies before deciding on an insurance company.
Tennessee Trucking Insurance
Tennessee trucking insurance is actually required because of the Federal Government. For any commercial trucking there will be a minimum of $750,000 in insurance required. This is for non-hazardous materials.
If you will be carrying hazardous materials you could have to carry as much as $5 million in insurance.
Get Quotes
Remember to shop around for all of your insurance needs. It will also pay to check for companies that carry both Tennessee home insurance and Tennessee auto insurance. You may be able to bundle your insurance and get a better deal on your premiums. Insurance will probably need to be renewed every 6 months to a year. This is something you want to be sure to keep track of to prevent your insurance from being cancelled. To find the most quotes you can even find sites on the web that will compare for you. Carrying insurance is sometimes required but should always be carried to ensure you are always protected.


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