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Make money by clicking on the ads on the PTC sites.

How to Earn on the Internet ?

If you are looking for money on the Internet , work with so-called Clicks sponsors - this is the easiest way to try a new business.

Make money online per click

So, you register on the site, offering users paid Internet surfing. The essence of the work will consist in the fact that you must visit the proposed sites, to stay on the page for some time (usually 20-60 seconds) to wait until the countdown timer finishes counting, and all work is done.

Sometimes after the timer is required to enter a confirmation view - count the number of stars, click on the desired image / number, etc. If done correctly, after viewing your account on the system is calculated earned amount. The amount is very small, literally pennies (sometimes - the U.S., but still a penny). But it is scanned from one site. A lot of these sites is proposed. Each of them can be viewed at one time in 24 hours. If you visit the site sponsor several times during the day, you can see the emerging links to view (each of which is available again once a day).

Once in your account on the system accumulates some earned enough for withdrawal, the amount you can withdraw it through the payment online system. The minimum amount to the conclusion, as well as payment systems supported on various websites - different.

How to Earn Money on the Internet for clicks

The basis of good earnings and the Clicks sponsors - is to attract referrals. After registration you are given affiliate link, which you can distribute to their friends and just among people who are looking for money on the Internet . Every person who signs up through your link will bring you income, and not to its detriment - the system pays you a percentage of the earnings of your referral. Thus the site-sponsor motivates you to search for new employees.

There is also a notion of "RCB" - is when the referrer (ie the person who invited referral) returns a referral to a percentage earned from it. That is you interest the referral of his work, providing it with a small "prize" for his account.

Sometimes the referrals you can not invite yourself and buy the system. That is, for a certain amount a month you get a referral. However, there is no guarantee that the purchased referrals will work and bring you income. Investments - is always a risk. By investing the money in unknown referrals, you also run the risk.

On some sites that offer paid surfing , is a system of "raising" your account. That is, by paying into the system some money, you can get more favorable conditions of work (usually - more options for viewing, the resolution of a greater number of referrals, a greater percentage of earnings referral).

There are a number of existing rules for this activity. Not allowed to start more than one account (the Account) in the system. Inactive users are deleted automatically by the system. Period of inactivity at different sites defined in many ways, this is usually 30 days.
And finally, some useful tips for beginners .
No need to save the earned money in your account on the system, often show better earnings - it happens that accounts are hacked. If this happens to you, all earned back-breaking labor lost. Better not to risk it and withdraw money at a set minimum amount of payment. Compliance with this same rule - to bring the money , not save them to account - to help you in the event that a site-sponsored cease to exist, and it happens often.

Further - there are fans that are going on the links for registration, with links obrazayut referral number from harm, I guess. But you must understand - without a referrer you still will not stay, those are the rules of the system. You will sell on the exchange of referrals, you will get is unknown to anyone, and you can not see RCB. And if you asked a specific (albeit unknown to you in reality) a man with him is always possible to agree on the RCB and, thus, increase your earnings.

In the vastness of the Internet you can meet attractive offers for registration on the site, paying for page views 02.05.10 continue on the rise, dollar. Do not believe it! It just can not be. By the way, cheaters can easily check - need to see what they have on the price of advertising. And then think for yourself - how can survive a site promising to pay per view links more than paid advertiser? At these sites is most often a large minimum amount to a conclusion. Get that you probably will not succeed.

In general, make money online - no problem. The problem is sometimes bring honestly earned . How can that be? How do I know you get paid or not, whether you work for nothing? Be sure to read the reviews on the site you are interested in the Internet . Read at least WebMoney Advisor and, if negative feedback is too much, ... It is better to look for another, an honest site, as such, believe me, a lot. By the way, if you already get work experience at selected sites will receive a first payment - do not be lazy, leave feedback in the same Advizore. This way you can help beginners in internet earnings , the same way and you have been recently.

This is only the most basic information about the earnings on viewing advertised sites. Everything else you learn for yourself, it's not hard. Good luck and good earnings !


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author avatar A K Rao
16th Jul 2012 (#)

Thanks dear Sunny for writing about PTC sites! Unfortunately PTC sitesare not for me as there is nothing constructive there to do! Thanks !

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author avatar Denise O
22nd Jul 2012 (#)

I wish I had more time to do this stuff, oh well. Great info. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
28th Jul 2012 (#)

I do not know whether the time we spent is worth it. Thanks for the share, anyway - siva

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author avatar Retired
30th Jul 2012 (#)

Thanks Sunny for your insightful writing. I feel the same way as you have described about making money through clicking on the ads.

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