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I few tips and personal experience of making money online in 2016. Making money on the internet is constantly changing.


A few short years ago if appears to have been a little easier to make money online, especially if you are a writer like myself. You had great sites like Bubblews, ExpertsColumn and Triond. Now were in 2016 and making money online is somewhat harder than they used to be, in particular for writers. But all is not lost there are some amazing ways to make money online this year.

How To Make Money In 2016

If you are a writer there are many sites that are still around and can easily make you money if you are prepared to put in the effort. There is of course Wikinut, which is one of my personal favorites. BlogJob has recently opened it's doors to new members, this site pays in points which can then be redeemed for cash. 10,000 points means $100. I've been there just over a week and already I have over 700 points.

There is also the ever faithful hubpages, which is great for those who have an adsense account and no how to use it well. For Hubpages you need to write a minimum of 700 to draw in readers so it's great for writers how are able to write quality articles at length. If you prefer writing shorter articles then you will want to look elsewhere.

Say you have no interest in writing, how else can you make money online these days? Well first there is social media. If you have thousands or even hundreds of followers on your Twitter and Facebook accounts you could make money via advertising for other people. For example Amazon has a program that allows you to place adverts for their products on your social media accounts. When someone buys that product through your link you then make a little cash.

Another good option for making some serious cash is YouTube. If you look being in front of the camera then this could be the thing for you. People make money via YouTube doing all sorts of things. From gameplay walkthroughs, parenting videos, book hauls, make-up tutorials. The list is endless, just create a Youtube account and link it to your adsense account and you're good to go.

If that is still not your thing then you can do surveys. It won't make you rich, but a couple of hundred pounds extra each month is sure to be nice. Sign up to as many sites and do as many surveys as you can. I personally use My Survey and Onepoll. I find surveys to be nice because you get asked your opinion and they only take a few minutes to fill out. Oh and you get paid for it, what's not to like?

On A Final Note

Personally I find those are some of the best ways to make money online in 2016. Obviously there are many others but these are some of my personal favorites. When looking to make money online always do a little research first so that you don't fall victim to a scam. A quick Google search is all it takes, and will help you decide if a site is worth your time or not and safe to use.

If you just want to make a little extra cash each month then there are many places on the internet to help you do that, and it usually happens pretty quickly. If on the other hand you are looking to make a living that is going to require a lot more work. Whatever you decide to do just make sure that you don't give up. Making money online takes hard work and a little luck. Keep at it and you will see results.


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author avatar Egzoski
25th Aug 2016 (#)

I enjoyed this content definitely! I love such articles, everyone wants to earn a bit online.

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author avatar dasari100
10th Dec 2016 (#)

well written and explained.

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author avatar Moriarty
21st Dec 2016 (#)

Does Wikinut still pay money for articles?

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