Making Money With Amazon Affiliate Program

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How To Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Program, What To Do, How Much Do You Earn, And How Do You Get Paid.

What Is Amazon Affiliate Program?

Amazon Affiliate Program Is A Nice Way To Earn Money, To Do This You Have To:
1-Own A Site Or A Blog (You Can Make A Free Blog At
1-Sign Up For Amazon Affiliate Program.
2-Advertise For Amazon's Products.

How To Advertise?
After you sign up, you can go search for a product, once you find one that you want to advertise for, you should be seeing a (get link) button next to every product, you click it and then you will be sent to a page where it shows you the image of the advertisement,
if you scroll down, you will see a (HTML)...all you have to do is copy it, and paste it in one or more of your site or blog pages.

How Much Do I Earn?

You earn money every time somebody buys a product you are advertising (if he buys it through YOUR advertisement), (not when somebody CLICKS the advertisement).
once he buys it, you will earn 4% of its price, after 7 sells, you will start earning 6% (this can continue up to 8.5% after certain number of sells).
however, 4% may not look that much, but that's if you are advertising something cheap.
if you advertise a $30 product, you will earn $1.2 only, but if you advertise a $700 product you will earn 28, not that much but:
1-lets say it is ordered 10 times, that makes you earn $280...not bad.
2-if you are earning 6% of its price, then you'll earn $42...if it is ordered 10 times, that's 240.

How Do I Get Paid?

Unfortunately Amazon Affiliate program does not pay using PayPal.
The Only Ways To Be Paid Are:
1-Amazon Gift Certificate/Card ($10 minimum earnings)
2-Direct Deposit (United States Based Associates Only). ($10 minimum earnings)
3-Checks ($100 minimum earnings) ($15 processing fee from all monthly checks sent to Associates).

So Should I Do It?

I really advise you to go make an account now, ESPECIALLY if your site or blog is famous and known, but even if its not, it soon will be, so don't miss this chance and go sign up FOR FREE.

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31st Mar 2013 (#)

Thanks for sharing how to earn money with Amazon affiliate. Have a nice day.

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author avatar Sony Roy
19th Apr 2013 (#)

Make Money by learning to become a Consultant not a GURU. No training for GURUS, Training to become a consultant, a certified and approved consultant.

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