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Money is valuable for all of us without money nobody will ask you or bother to speak to you in real life too............

With Me You Can Rule The World..

Money being very important for all of us.We got to value whatever we have,

Many of the rich people those who can afford and spend money on shopping and many other things should try to save money because they have got this luxury by luck where daily they go shopping and buy expensive products and nowadays the children spend more money than the parents which is astonishing because the parents buy whatever the kids say and don't even bother to find out the rates of a particular thing.For ex if they need a toy maybe a big toy they will not go to other shop and find out the rate of the same toy but instead they will buy that toy immediately without finding out the rate in other shops which is ridiculous.If we have money got to take good care of it but not this way.................

Money rules the world there is a saying everyone says it.So in good times when we have money we got to save them because nobody can guarantee that they will be always with you because money comes by luck and to earn it we need to slog so much but it doesn't make a difference for the richer people because they have too much and will not even share in a way like giving food for the poor or giving a helping hand for the poor like buying blankets or clothes for them to wear or if you have good money then you can buy a small house for them if not you can give that house on rent and take a very low rent from the poor that is only if you have a great heart.............

Richer people can save money and do some donations but no they prefer wasting the money on their kids and wife.but they won't donate a single dime to the poor.Money is spent lavishly during their weddings and other celebrations and a lot of other things bought during the celebration all that is ok for them to spend,but if you tell them buy a little food for the poor then they start thinking.Why does the rich don't realize that in the next generation the poor maybe rich and the rich maybe staying on the roads this may and will happen.If this happens the rich will start thinking what they did in their last generation.I feel this should happen god must give everyone a chance to be rich and enjoy their life with their family and children.The next time should be ours we should get rich and pray to god for this to happen......

Children can save their money in the piggy bank and elders can save theirs in the money box.Don't take childrens money box to save money please take it seriously....

So friends making money and saving money are two different things people do so much work to make money but that money is spent either ways for food or something else.Nowadays making money is easy but more than that is your health.Sometimes we make money and forget about our lunch and dinner.We get engrossed in work so much that we forget to eat our food and then when the work is over we leave to go home without eating food which is wrong we should give respect to our food and eat on time.So its quiet important when we eat food eat on time.So hope you try saving some cash asap after reading this article..........

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author avatar Retired
16th Sep 2011 (#)

guess you write well on a widely known fact

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author avatar clayton
17th Sep 2011 (#)

thanks dude...

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author avatar Tranquilpen
24th Sep 2011 (#)

Thank you Clayton, I enjoyed your view on the subject. I can see by the content, that you are a very hard working person quite thrifty. I have managed to live debt free for about 16 years now (I don't buy on credit) It,s cash, and then only the essentials.

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