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Wikinut offers 3 different ways to make money online, but there are also other opportunities out there as well. And these are not get rich quick schemes, but genuine ways to make some extra cash.

First off, making money online with Wikinut

If you're reading this then hopefully you're aware that Wikinut give you a chance to make money online through any or all of 3 methods.

First, you can write content about any topic and we'll publish it online. We then add relevant adverts to your content which your readers should find interesting. From that point on, you'll get a share of any advertising revenue generated from your page was a royalty payment. This royalty will be paid out for the life our your page, which means that small initial effort will continue to earn you money many months later.

Second, if you 're an author that has written some good quality pages we may offer you the change to become a moderator. That means you'll be able to review pages submitted by other authors, and decide if they meet our guidelines. If so, once they are published you'll then earn another slice of the advertising revenue for each page you've moderated.

Last, but not least, you can use our invite friends option to refer new authors to Wikinut. For any revenue your referred authors generate, you get yet another slice.

Wikinut offers you an easy to use platform on which you can build a core of content that has the potential to earn you ongoing royalties. So if you don't have an account yet, register now.

Get paid for photography

Not for everybody, but if you are a keen and talented amateur you should perhaps consider listing your photos on sites such as iStockPhoto. These work by offering your photos for download to their user base. You'll generally be paid on a per download basis, and the fees can be pretty good if you are lucky.

Given the competition, finding a niche is the clever thing to do. You may find a demand for subject matter for which you've already got a library of images. However, you may end up spending time uploading photos that nobody wants, so watch out.

Earn money through surveys, studies and focus groups

Surveys sound a bit dull, and perhaps are, but companies and other organisations are always looking for opinions. That means there are paid opportunities out there, with one of the best known being YouGov. You can earn in the region of £1 to £2 for a completed survey.

Some survey companies may also perform focus groups, such as Itracks. These can be more stimulating than surveys, but oftern more restictive in terms of when you can participate.

Online selling at a profit

Thousands of people sell on ebay, but margins can be small and competition intense. Again, finding a niche and building a reputation is a winning strategy but is not as simple as it sounds.

Plus you need to aware that certain products may require you to buy stock upfront, and find somewhere to store it until it is sold. Then you need to factor in the hassle of posting items to the winning bidders. Basically online selling can make you money, but is not a walk in the park anymore. However, take the time to build a virtual shop and it will provide an income stream.


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author avatar Guruh Subagya
6th Mar 2010 (#)

yup , make money online that's people wanting for their life

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author avatar alsmith
21st Jun 2010 (#)

Great tips, and I am loving wikinut. Thanks

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author avatar Brett Herzer
30th Oct 2011 (#)

What a great site! Love the concept and opportunity-even if income is minimal. I'll be registering soon and submitting articles on my expertise. Love it!

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author avatar Sherri Granato
1st Aug 2014 (#)

Good to know.

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