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How to write good music reviews for the website slice the pie. And how to make a reliable income doing this.

What is it this site.

This link will put you on the website. What you do is review music and get paid for the reviews. If you enjoy all kinds of music this will be fun and pretty easy. You WILL NOT get rich. But they pay out at $10 to your PayPal account. And I can often do $10 in my free time in one day.

My advice

Start typing as soon as you hear the first note or tone. You must listen for 90 seconds. You may as well be getting your thoughts and feelings down.

They require you actually do a music review. Mention things like beat, tone, tempo, rhythm, pitch. Mention the lyrics, your thoughts on the vocals. Does it remind you of an artist, an era, a singer or even it has a breezy spring like feeling. They like descriptive wordy reviews. Anything that you really like or anything you dislike. But please be kind. The reviews go directly to the artists. Please do not destroy anyone. Don't crush their spirit and their dreams. Try to be fair in your rating. It is a 1-10 scale. I rarely do 5 or below preferring to keep most at 7 or above.

Use descriptive words: raucous, energetic, edgy, powerful. I actually keep a notebook with a list of descriptive words and of musical terms and descriptions. This helps when you are trying to find the words to describe a song. This also assures your reviews do not always sound the same. If the review sounds to alike they will note that and you get to fix it before you resend it. Do not try to send a review near the hour, they tend to be rejected, wait until 5 after or so to send.

I would suggest Google for more suggestions on how to do good reviews for this site. There are some very good, comprehensive reviews out there.

What will you make

This depends on the quality of your review. Good, wordy, descriptive ones make more. You can make as little as 3 or 4 cents. I usually make 10 cents or more. Often 15 cents or more. As I said, in my free time if I am motivated I can make $10 in a day. This is not setting here all day long. it is free time I would use searching on the internet or playing games. And they often have bonus days where you are guaranteed 10 cents a review, so these times the cents add up quickly.

This is not a full time income. But it is a small strand that depending on your motivation can be very reliable. It adds a bit of extra cash to your income. The site is easy to use. They explain their policies quite well. They have a FB page and you can keep in contact with them there. They are very quick to answer you on FB and I love this site. I am a music lover and have a lot of fun reviewing music. The ones I like I follow on YouTube. For me it is pretty awesome to have reviewed a band's music on slice the pie. The turn on the radio and there they are.

Again do your research, Google for more how to sites. And be fair and be kind. These artists have hopes and dreams. They some times do not have the best equipment to record with. They some times lack some abilities. But be kind, point out the positive and be gentle when you describe the negative parts. I don't lie. If they have an issue staying on pitch I tell them. I might say" I love how the lead vocalist puts such feeling into his vocal delivery. But to me, it seems, in a few areas, there seems to be a bit of an issue with pitch."

If this sounds like something you would enjoy please take a minute to check it out. Then have fun.


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