Manual Trading Or Trade by Using Forex Robot

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The differences between trading with forex robot or manual trading from this article

What Is Forex Robot

Forex robot often called as automated trading method where the forex trader only need to maintain all of open orders which is created by forex robot. Basically they don't need to do anything, the forex trader only need to make sure if the forex robot running properly so it can trade for them.

Nowadays this kind of automated trading method become popular because it's very practice. The forex robot will open and close the open position automatically. There are free and paid version of forex robot, you only need to choose which one is the best for you. After you get a forex robot then it can be use in demo or real account. However it always recommended to test it in demo account first so you will know the quality of forex robot and you will not losing the money if the forex robot below your expectation.

What is Manual Trading

Manual trading is ordinary trading method and usually a forex trader who use this trading method will making an analysis based on fundamental analysis. This way of trading are more difficult because you will need to have a lot of trading experience and forex knowledge before you can make consistent profit from your trade.

You will need to do a lot of practice before you can be success with this manual trading method and you might made a lot of mistake before you can get consistent profit from forex. Perhaps it will take a few month or even a few years before you can really make money with manual trading but if you are success with manual trading then making money in forex will be easy for you.

Which one is the best, forex robot or manual trading method?

The answer is of course depend on the quality of forex robot that will be used to trade. If you have low quality of forex robot then manual trading can give you better trading result.

In other side if you still lacking forex knowledge and trading experience then perhaps automated trading will be far more better than your manual trading result. However if you have a lot of trading experience and knowledge about forex then manual trading will be far more better because you are the one who took care your forex account. You can decide when to trade and when to stop trading. With this you can choose to stop trading when market condition are uncertain especially during news and you don't need to risking the money in that market condition. Once market condition back to normal then you can start trading again as usual.

It's very hard to decide which one is the best because there are a lot of factors involved. Just choose which one is the best by yourself because being a forex trader it self is a choice.


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