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This article is useful for freelancers selling their online skills. It gives tips on how to market a small job or gig more effectively online to get noticed and earn money.

How can I make money on MinimartJobs? Who is the Top Seller?

Here’s a few quick tips that we made available to our freelancers and a mention of our TOP SELLER on sharing his secret on how he gets way more exposure and advertising than anyone else:

Offer something unique. Everyone has begun to post the same type of jobs because these websites are becoming so flooded so your job is to find the one thing you’re great at and what makes it unique in comparision to the others.
Show some proof. Have someonthing to offer? Show how you’ve done it before – especially the benefits. If you’re talking about how you’re going to tweet their message to 100,000 followers – show a screenshot so people can see the process.
Don’t over-do it. Just because you have a flurry of clients in queue doesn’t mean it’s worth the time. Really ask yourself if this small pay is worth it in comparision to going after a client which would pay more for just a bit of extra time dedicated to the project.
Make it templateable. People aren’t coming to MinimartJobs and other micro job sites for the best they can buy – they realize they’re getting quick, cheap work. Create templates out of everything you do so you can maximize your time when doing each task.
Work on your copy. Your title and ad copy is what’s going to get you the job – keep experimenting like you with with a great headline or advertising message until you’ve found one that converts – then, keep testing!

Most importantly, keep trying out different jobs. Over time, each job is going to become saturated in the market so re-craft each of your jobs with something unique and with the times – always tell the benefits, not the techical jargon that people don’t really care about.

TOP SELLER on choafa – how does he do it?

One of our top sellers is choafa - BE PATIENT while his profile loads – it is slow because of the number of gigs he has! He posts a new gig, or shall I say a different title of the same gig at least once to three times a week. He has 509 gigs on MinimartJobs right now. He is a classic example of someone who understands how gig sites work. He spins the names of his gigs around until the right buyer sees the right title. choafa has only been a member since Oct 2011 (1 year). Look at his gigs and see how he is able to sell the same thing but use very different titles. His gigs get way more promotion on MinimartJobs than others who just create one gig and leave it there for a buyer to find. Well done choafa on your success!

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